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  1. Hi, I bought Affinity Photo in the Apple Store, but when I try to download it clicking on the cloud with the arrow, it start to looping and nothing happens! Please help me. thank you
  2. I've purchased Affinity Photo for Mac, but when I try to download it from the Apple Store clicking on the cloud with the arrow, it starts to circle and then nothing happen. After a while it returns to be a cloud with an arrow.. Please help me! On the same Mac I perfectly installed Designer and the Beta of Publisher. Thanks a lot! Diego
  3. Thank you Chris. Actually, I'm a bit astonished, because what I was able to reproduce several times, doesn't happen anymore. In a nutshell, what happened was a loop (program "not responding" in the Task Manager) once I've inserted in the master page the text box with the page number. The loop started as soon as I tried to change the fonts inside the text box or the orientation of the box itself. After then, other strange behaviors started also in the copy/paste actions with text boxes in the body of the document (only partially text copied, then loop...). So, I've frozen the "bad" doc and started a new document without page number on the Master page. Everything was working fine. Now, that I was going back to the "bad" doc to reproduce the loop and tell you something more, (un)fortunately the loop is disappered (Morphy teaches...). If you want I can send you the (ex)"bad" doc... Sorry. Many thanks
  4. I don't know what happened. I'v been using the program for days without problems (working on a small project). Since yesterday the program continuously loops in different context (page number setting, page master applying, copy and paste of text on different pages...) It's became impossible to use it... Who can help me? Thx P.S.: version is ... .145
  5. When I try to insert the Page Number in a text box on a Master page (following the tutorial) this systematic behavior appears: everything is ok if you don't change the size of the orientation of the text box any time you try to change either the fonts size of the page number or the box orientation, the program crashes. Great job anyway! Diego
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