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  1. Hi, I forgot to say that I use the 1.8.3 version on Mac and on Ipad. Both have the problem. I hope the next update will coming soon...
  2. Oh, I'm not alone Thank you... Has anyone an idea to solve the problem before an update? Even a DIY solution? Even with a lot of time ? I'm maybe dreaming but, is it possible to pixelate the curve and after, re-vectorize it? My drawing is quite simple. It's quite a big problem for me. My client is waiting for the .pdf to print it... And it's not possible, my illustrations are bad without the thickness due to pressure... 😞 Thanks a lot !
  3. Thank you for these explanations! So I can not see the real effect when I'm drawing but it's better than nothing! Thank you
  4. Using this pressure panel, I have to use a basic brush, and then apply the pressure variation? I do not know this panel well. I would like to see the effect as I draw. Could you explain a little more, if it's not too much to ask? Many thanks!
  5. Ok. thank you. Does this mean that it is impossible to use the brush with variable thickness according to the pressure? When is the next version planned for mac? Thanks again for your answer.
  6. Hi Gabe. Thank you for your interest ! I made several tests to try to understand the problem. I still don't understand but I have precisions. The problem happens when I close the file. As long as I do not close it, everything is fine. When I close it and reopen it, the thicknesses are gone. If I copy / paste a problematic drawing into a new file, the problem is the same as my original file. It is this file that I enclose here for your test, lighter than the original. I also enclose a screenshot with, at the top, the correct drawing, and at the bottom, the problematic drawing If I make a new drawing in a new file, no problem. On the other hand, after lots of tests, I understood how to make the thicknesses reappear. I have to put back the original pressure profile and the original line thickness and in this way the variable line thicknesses according to the pressure reappear. BUT if I save, I leave the file and reopen it, they have disappeared again ... See the video bellow if my explanation aren't clear. Thanks a lot for your advice ! Adeline test3.afdesign
  7. N.B. I use "time machine" for back-up. Even in the older version of my file, the problem is there... I don't understand what happen?
  8. Hello ! I try to make Affinity designer my main software (in place of illustrator) and I don't master it yet ... I use to love it but I just have a problem that decreases very much the trust I has in the software :-( (MacBook Air 2015 - MAC OS 10.10.5 - Affinity Designer 1.6.1 - tablette wacom) Here is the probIem. I worked all the day on a same file, mainly with one bruch with pressure. At the end of the day, I had a bug following a very long line (probably too much). The software was not responding anymore. I force the software to quit and reopen it. I see that I lost the last 20 minutes of work (time since my last backup, not surprising) but that I also lost all the thickness of my drawings made with the brush! They are all smooth and thin even though I used the thickness variation related to the pressure. I tell myself that it is perhaps a problem of display and not of data, ask for help on the French forum but nobody has any idea. My hard drive is a bit saturated, maybe the problem comes from there? I sent the file to a friend who has a better configuration, he has the same problem. Yesterday, I bravely redrew everything. I saved and left the software without any problem. Today, I reopen my file, and horror! the thicknesses have disappeared again ! I'm late compared to my client, it's a disaster! I don't dare to redraw again because it will maybe not be kept ... Someone would have a great idea before I start again in illustrator? Many many thanks!
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