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  1. yes, coloured labels would be very helpful for organizing purposes
  2. I ordered the PHOTO WORKBOOK on October 23rd and haven't received a shipping notification yet. Is the book out of stock at the moment or when can I expect shippment?
  3. I am sorry to ask as i already sent an email to customer service. But as the workbook sale is about to end soon i wanted to ask if i get a refund or a replacement if i accidentally ordered the wrong book. I did order the designer workbook instead of the photo workbook. Should i place a new order for the photo workbook or will i be offered an exchange instead of a refund if i send back the designer workbook?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply. Just ordered the Photo Workbook :-)
  5. Just noticed, that both Workbooks are on a discount at the moment. Is this just a special offer or are you clearing stock for a new edition?