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  1. Hi Chris, I'm glad that you've found the bug too. Although I'm not so glad that there is a bug. I also kept on getting the 'Not responding' state and sometimes it stayed like that. I hope that this can be resolved soon. I tend to work on large images with a high dpi, so it's easier to use blur on a larger brush settings. Please keep me updated where possible. Many thanks, DesignFlow
  2. Hello Chris, In the end, I went with a completely different design to avoid using those tools, but I'm happy to help you get the bug fixed! I've tried to upload the image I was using, but this error code keeps on coming up: There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 Settings on Affinity for the photo Thinking back to what I probably used... Smudge brush tool Width: 1406x Flow: 100% Strength: 100% Blur Brush tool Width: 485x Opacity: 100% Flow: 100% Strength: 100% In the end I put the tools on such high settings to see if anything would happen. Other considerations: The image was on an art board and had a number of layers over it (about 5). Where the programme didn't crash, the response was quite slow (on average about 10 seconds to see if anything had happened), but that wouldn't always work. Regards, DesignFlow
  3. I have bought the full version of Affinity Designer after using the trial version. However with the trial and full paid version the application keep on crashing when I try and use the blur or smudge tool. After reading advise on another topic where the application has crashed, I have reset the desktop application by doing a CRTL + click on the app etc. I hope this can be resolved soon as I have deadlines to meet. Many thanks, "DesignFlow"

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