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  1. Thank you, I have got it done in 1 evening The picture frames tool is useful, few clicks to get 1 image done. The tag I hand-typed them, a bit tedious.
  2. Hi, i have a project which is a catalogue. I have 3x4 images in one page. I have got the size, positions; and set it up succesfully with GUIDES. I know exactly the dimensions and coordinators of those image in a page layout. Now I only need to import and place 150 images in there, to fit the grey boxes that the guides drew. that’s a trouble. Doing it 150 times, by clicking, resizing, and moving to fit the template. is there a way to auto-fill the images in those grey guide boxes? The images also come with certain tag which has to be copy-pasted on a small text box next to the image. Doing that 150 times is another chore that I cant bring myself to finish.
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