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  1. I've posted this on another related thread as well, this is a fix that worked for me, and also enabled me to install the latest Huion driver which hadn't previously worked. Affinity was auto switching to eraser tool every time it detected the pen, and also bugged out on zooming in/out sometimes as well (my pen buttons are set to mouse wheel forward/backward). Using Huion h640p on Win 7. 1. Press start key, search for and open services.exe 2. Scroll down to Tablet PC input service 3. Right Click and choose properties. Look for 'Startup Type' and choose 'Disabled' from the
  2. I had this exact same issue, using a Huion h640p on Win 7, and fixed it using the steps below removing a conflict with some windows software after a lot of reading around. This may work for Win10. I'd also recommend disabling Windows Ink on Win 10 (don't think this is much of an issue in Win 7 but I've unchecked it in the Huion driver anyway), google will throw up a how to on disabling Ink. After fixing I was also able to get the latest driver installed (previously using an old one as the new ones wouldn't detect the tablet as connected), so if you can't install the latest driver for wi
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