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  1. I'm teaching in a community college and have dozens of previous versions of quizzes and tests where my equations were imported to Pages from MathType. I would just type out the line, select 'Insert MathType equation' and once I entered the equation got a fairly straightforward output with the equation added to the line like in the picture. I don't tend to use the standard font for MathType (looks Times-ish) and I tried saving my MathType equations as eps/pict (best option I could find in the preferences), then dragging and dropping it into Publisher. When it appears, all the custom font information has gone and I'm given a boring, serif laden version of the equation. Yes, I could use LaTeX, but honestly, tweaking fonts in LaTeX is a screaming pain. Is there plans to put in this sort of inline equation support, or at least the ability to integrate input from outside apps?