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  1. I would like to create macros to attach a signature/logo onto images in both landscape and portrait format, that are not placed centrally on the image, without separating the landscape and portrait into separate folders. This is a tedious task when there are over 1000 images to be done. A macro can be written to place it in landscape format. A separate macro can be written to place it in portrait format What needs to be done is a 'master' macro that can create a 'condition', that will ask the question 'if' and 'do this', if not do this. This process was available in Photoshop CS6 until they brought out CC, and it was then removed from CS6. I was running CS6 for years, and refused to pay a monthly subscription for CC, thus I changed to Affinity Photo and have not regretted the decision
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    Thanks carl123, it works as you said. Brilliant
  3. I have just purchased Affinity Photo, and there are only 9 icons on the left hand toolbar. How do I get more icons? I have clicked - view - customise tools - and it only shows the nine default icons. These icons don't even have the option to open for more options. Until I can get more options/icons, I will have to continue to use Photoshop CS6 Help