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  1. Thanks for your replies and your help. I finally got the install to complete by turning on developer mode in the "Use developer features" in settings. Walt, I suspect you were right on about needing to run the installer as Administrator but I tried the developer mode option prior to getting your post and it did the trick, although I'm not sure why. My system had been previously set to allow sideloading apps so what the developer mode added is a mystery to me. Anyway, I'm up and running again. Thanks for your help, you guys, you're awesome.
  2. I deleted the old installation app, re-downloaded the current installation app and set-up still fails. I tried again with another fresh download after turning off Windows Defender and deactivating the firewall with the same result. Any suggestions?
  3. I just downloaded affinity-publisher-beta- but when I try to install it the setup fails. I've deleted the download applet and re-downloaded twice it with the same results. Since I download the new updater applet the old beta version also seems to be not accessable. At this point I have no access to publisher or any of my publisher files. Is there a fix for this?
  4. Thank you so much. Works like a charm. One last question, is there a way to enter a web page address into an Affinity Publisher document so it functions as a hyperlink to that web page? Rick
  5. Is there a way to set a default font so that all new documents started in Affinity Publisher will automatically have this font as its default? Is there a way to enter a web page address into an Affinity Publisher document so it functions as a hyperlink to that web page? Thanks in advance for your help. Rick
  6. When working on a several page document and when using the desktop space to stage multiple items needing to be placed in the document, trying to use marquee select to select these multiple items to move them results in a significant delay before the marquee select command will actually capture the items to be moved. In fact, when working on a several page document, nearly any command results in a significant delay. This was not true for working on multi-page items with Page Plus.
  7. I've been using PagePlus to publish a computer club newsletter for several years. The background shade of the desktop surrounding the current project in PagePlus is light enough to store the various articles that will eventually be placed in the newsletter. Since changing to Affinity, when I store articles on the desktop prior to placement the background is so dark I can't see the article. I've been changing the font color to something lighter but that adds two more steps to each article in the newsletter, one so I can see the article on the dark desktop and one to change it back to black after placement in the newsletter. Is there any way currently to change the desktop background color/shade and if not can this be added?