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  1. No crash report generated. Getting "not responding". AP does not crash, have to close the program via task manager,
  2. I am a creative and only use Affinity Photo for compositing work. I'm running version, and after about an hour the program stops responding and I have to close and restart. Runs smooth for about an hour then begins to slow and eventually stops responding. I'm usually adding assets,(images,pngs) to my composite and doing various editing like masking, dodge and burn, etc. Crashes, when I attempt to add an image to my composite. Again everything runs fine for the first hour or so. My system specs, Intel I7 Core 6500 2.5G, 8G ram,64bit, 1T HD I run Photoshop with this spec with no issues and build large complex composites with no crashes, so I do not believe this an issue inherent with my set up. Although it may be that Affinity Photo is not playing nice with my set up. thanks
  3. Hey, Can I pull an image from the stock photo tab as a new document? Here are the steps I'm doing now. Create a new document, any size Drag image from stock tab to new document Copy image layer Create new document from clipboard Resize as necessary What I want to do is just drag an image from the stock tab as a new document. Can I do this? Thanks
  4. I'm trying to apply an image to an object. More precisely I'm trying to take an image and apply to a plate per sample image. I've applied the image but would like to have more control over size, placement, blending etc. Is there another way to accomplish this? I recall in Photoshop perhaps using a clipping mask. Thanks
  5. I did a project a few years ago cleaning up old Kodachrome slides. And found applying a 1x or 2x Gaussian blur helped eliminate some of those specks. Especially in areas of sky, etc.
  6. Yes, this is what I've done and it does not work. Seems fairly straightforward and simple. Add a mask layer and go. Using the windows version btw
  7. I am new to Affinity Photo but have quite a bit of xp in Photoshop, and I do a lot of compositing work. And need to fine-tune individual layers through masking. When I make a mask on a layer can I paint on that mask, (white or black) to add/remove without a quick mask? Now if I create a mask on a layer and use a white or black brush at 100% opacity with protect alpha off nothing happens. Is masking dealt with differently than Photoshop? thanks
  8. Yes, it appears so. Well, I expect it will be added at some time. Till then I can use my workaround. thanks to all
  9. Thanks. The color selection dialog window in the lens filter closes if I try and use the color picker tool. What I've been doing is sampling a color with the color picker. Then noting the RGB values. I open the lens filter dialogue and type in the values. Yes, it's workable. Been looking for a better way.
  10. Hey, Going through the trial for AP and really like it, especially the ease at making selections and masking/refining. There's some alien tech going on there, lol. Anyhow, still learning. Was wondering when using the lens filter how can I use my sampled color from an image as my filter color. thanks
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