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  1. VeraIkon

    Last Update - program crashes

    I copy an image on one page and for example try to paste it on the next page. I have a suspicion that it's got to to with certain images. If I use images written as affinity photo file, the programme crashes or I can't save or even not open documents. If I delete those objects I can work again. I'll send the next crash report I get.
  2. Since the last update - 11-9-18 - The Program crashes whenever I want to paste an item and without any obvious reason. Is there anyone else who has this problem? It's impossible to work at the moment. George
  3. After I made the last upgrade of Affinity Publisher Beta yesterday, I can't save my fils anymore. I can export it as PDf and open afterwords in Affinity Publisher to go on with my work. But I'can' t save it as Affinity file! That's a problem. George
  4. Hi, thanks for the advice. I tried out. It's still the same matter.
  5. I've sent You the PDF I've used to work in »affinity publisher«. The problem I had working with the file I' ve already sent I don't have with the following PDF for example. I Think theres a problem with files generated bay opening a PDF in »Affinity Publisher« generally. I try to work with my indesign files by creating PDF's and opening those in Affinity publisher. Working with different PDF's (all created in InDesign 4) the occure different problems, which I don't have while creating a new file. Katalog_Pailer_24-25.pdf
  6. VeraIkon

    Vector Crop tool

    if I import an image, use the »vector crop tool« and then try to dublicate this cropped image »affinity publisher« crashes. The same happens if I build a frame and drag a picture (on Layers) into this frame and afterwords try to dublicate this frame, the programme crashes.
  7. If I open a PDF (created by Indesign), select an image and try to replace it, I can choose replace. I can choose a new item, but can't open it. Affinity Publisher crashes at this point whenever I it.