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  1. Thanks for that info HVDB. I had to find preferences differently but got it an all fixed
  2. Presently I GoTo Macros by clicking View >Studio >Macros. Is there a quicker way?
  3. Thank you MEB. Like to use shortcuts and never thought to look there
  4. How do you identify which tool is in use especially if the shortcut has several tools. eg.J gives Healing Brush but how to tell if one is in Patch Red Eye tool or in-painting? the choices at the bottom left do give choices but do not seem to indicate the tool one is in. Obviously missing something here. please educate !
  5. Bill McLean


    Understand what you are saying and agree The MM Pic I showed is but a small portion of the full MM document which I put on to illustrate a method of learning that I find useful I have branches for various particular cases e.g. under Landscape image I have noted some of the points raised by James Ritson in the workbook. Reason for raising this Post was to see how others went about the learning process and would welcomely thoughts
  6. Bill McLean


    Re It still depends entirely on what you want to do. Indeed that is why the MMad says Adjustments Various. That would be where I would consider what adjustments were necessary. Format at that time wold be as camera. For me that wold be jpeg as seldom use Raw now.
  7. Bill McLean


    Yes Thank you Elfrred re resources - Did reply but I guess not properly I did not realise the File had downloaded to my download folder Re the Workflow you are, of course correct as it is Avery broad question as it depends on the pic - landscape,group photo, single person tc etc However I wondered if there was any general guidance. I try to learn a new program by using a mind Map - this sort of thing - if it makes sense to you
  8. I had a number of macros in Photoshop for puting a border and a frame round photos. Is there anything in Affinity Photo or, if not can anyone suggest the best way to go about doing this? Something like
  9. looking for recommendations for workflows in Affinity Photo
  10. Bill McLean

    Context toolbar not visible

    Thanks for reply. I have it now. Went to reset and did just that
  11. Using the Crop Tool in Resource Book Tutorials. Select Crop tool by C or by using Tools Panel > Crop Tool. Either way I do not get a Custom toolbar. So in the first Tutorial unable to APPLY and win the second Unable to Select Mode.
  12. Bill McLean

    unable to.get resources for Book

    I am just starting the workbook tutorials and am not able to log into the resources page at https://affin.co/photocoreskills. as on page 86 of book. Ho[p for some so can get started Thank you in advance
  13. I want to save some. pix for use in a slideshow so need to 1 Save as affinity photo for later use. - no problem there but also need to save file as a recognisable jpeg for the slideshow and include all layers but flattened. Have messed about with various options and not getting result Must be simple so have hesitated asking but I am not getting the jpeg for slideshow recognised.
  14. Open Affinity and have picture I was working yesterday on but nothing else. Have I wrongly entered something? Unable to proceed with any edit. Tried Car Q and restart but still same. Stuck!