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  1. Yes perhaps some confusion but I have discovered part of my problem, and resulting confusion. I imported an 80 page pdf file with about 200 images but when I did this Publisher did not as for an image folder to link to, it used the ones in the pdf and gave them all names. Not being aware of this I was getting confused when I tried to link to the original image folder. Now it's a matter of getting the system to use the images I originally used and not the ones it took from the pdf. But from what I can tell Resource Manager can't do that. All 200 images have to be placed by hand. This is probably the best we can expect for now when moving InDesign and other files to Publisher.
  2. So far I haven't had luck re-linking files that were moved to a new folder, I only have 2 options in Resource Manager, 'Locate' or 'Replace'. If I click Locate nothing happens, even with an image selected...If I hit Replace I can chase up the image and it will be replaced, but it does not link the rest of the images to that folder. This isn't much faster than doing the same without using Resource Manager. The only tutorial I have found doesn't go into Resource Manager in detail so at the moment its usefulness is quite limited.
  3. I work on documents that are image heavy, sometimes with 200 or more photos and illustrations. I have searched for a video or even some instruction as to how Resource Manager works. Foe example if I move 50 images to a new folder it looks like I have to relink each one of them. As an InDesigner user I'm finding Resource Manager pretty much useless, managing images this way is very time consuming. Will there be a vedeo on this subject produced? At the moment Resource Manager seems to have been ignored. Thanks, BW
  4. OK, I have solved the mystery... Do same as Indesign: Hit Esq and V. It would be easier to hit Optn/V and although you can set the keyboard shortcut in Photo to do this it seems it's not possible in Publisher at this stage.
  5. Hi Alfred, sorry you don't like Jock but if you live in Scotland it's bound to happen. Yes, pretty good trick being in two places at once...but although I currently live in Tucson I'm an Aucklander and still work on project there. So perhaps easy to get confused but I can always tell where I am... here it seldom rains!
  6. Well, yes, sortof but try this. 1 With the Move Tool selected and a block of text selected, hit the T option and change/correct some existing text. 2 Now hit the V option so you can get the Move Tool You would have added a 'v' to the text, not switched back to the Move Tool. I'm flicking back and forth all the time, selecting blocks of existing text to edit in a book I'm typesetting. I think the answer is to make a keyboard shortcut, Command V?
  7. Thanks... yes, found it's working perfectly in the update I downloaded earlier today.
  8. Sorry, didn't mention I'm on a Mac and Escape doesn't seem to work but I just discovered in trying another option that Publisher crashes. If I hit T then hit V again without making a text change Publisher crashes, every time.
  9. Publisher beta V1.7.249, I have just re-set a 200 page illustrated book I did a few years ago using Indesign. Typesetting requirements were about as demanding as it gets and Publisher passed with flying colours. Just a few refinements and Publisher would become my default pre-press system… 1. Scroll bars: Both Publisher and Photo: Yes, keeping down visual clutter is so important but depending on the view often these bars are almost impossible to see, appearing almost the same color as the background. I find I have to stop work to go hunting for them. 2. Guide Manager: I don’t like filled in columns as guides because it changes how images display. Unfortunately, the option to display guide outlines only works for the current session, upon reboot tit defaults to the filled option. 3. Resource Manager: If I remove images from a document and linked folder Resource Manager thinks they’re still there. Every time I boot it tells me they’re missing and asks if I want to locate them. 4. Move Tool: Shortcut ‘V’ will not work if I want to switch from Frame Text Tool mode, I must manually select it…slowing workflow.
  10. I have been opening Indesign files using Publisher beta with mixed results. If the file is a simple flyer/catalog and typesetting is basic a little tinkering is often all that's needed, especially if you have the fonts installed that the file uses. However, I just imported a a 200 page book I did for Random House that required much more complex typesetting, columns of justified text with no hyphens allowed. The import did quite well but text was not threaded so each column was it's own block... edit something in a column by adding/dropping text and it can't reformat columns after it. Hyphens were added because the original text had many Tracking tweaks to make it fit without hyphens. So the whole book would have to be reset. Import also does not includes bleeds, column settings etc. So, pretty limited but perhaps for no better than nothing.
  11. We can customise almost anything in Photo accept the order of adjustments, but that's the area we often use most. I adjust images in a certain order, Levels, Brightness, Shadows etc. In fact I have to waste time scrolling to get to Shadows. If we could arrange these like we can the toolbar it would be a great help to workflow.
  12. A user of Adobe products for over 30 years and ready for replacements. I haven't had a chance to do anything heavy with Publisher yet but from what I've tried workflow here doesn't look like it's going to slow me as much. It has so many of the Adobe features that the basics can be picked up very quickly. I note here that we can select inches as a default, very handy for those prepping work in non-standard America. However, now we're in two worlds, Photo in pixels and Publisher in inches. Tabs: It took Adobe years to get this right but their method now works well. I'm finding Publisher could do with some work on this. Shortcuts: A slowdown for me is not being able to zoom in using the usual keyboard shortcut if the text tool is selected. publisher.odt
  13. Like so many other new Affinity converts I've been an Adobe user for over 30 years so I was delighted to find Affinity Photo and Publisher were real options to consider. I have been using Affinity Photo for several months and have found it does everything I need and more. Publisher looks like it will do the same once it's available. However, I'm finding my workflow in Affinity Photo is a deal breaker at the moment, it's taking much longer to process many of my images. Some of this is possibly because I haven't found a way to do something that is available already but many could be caused by the way AP is designed Slowing down workflow, A few examples 1. I often photograph 100 or so studio images at once and they need to be processed at the price I have been charging using Photoshop but that's not easy when it takes an extra day or more using Photo to. Layer Clutter: In PS I do not have to use adjustment layers to make adjustments. I make a quick basic adjustment to contrast etc, colour is usually correct. I then use the lasso to select areas that need shadow or highlight work, fathering the selection, brightening or pushing shadow detail. Sometimes I mask out part of the background to place another image behind. After a few minutes doing this stacks of adjustment layers begin to pile up out the door. I have to keep flattening, which can be tricky if I've added another image or two. I haven't been able to find an option to work on an image without using adjustment layers, is there one? Panel Clutter: After making several adjustments I find piles of thumbnails on the Adjustment panel. I'm not sure why these don't collapse after I've used them, to get the adjustment sliders back to use again I have to collapse them manually anyhow. Inches: I use pixels when processing for internet and mostly inches for print if the destination is for USA printing. There seems to be no way to set a default to inches so I have to perform five clicks on every image. 1 Select to Resize Document, 2 Select inches, 3 Select 300 dpi, 4 De-select Resample, 5 Select Resize. If inches were a default option there would be zero clicks. I also find when I export an image that's set to inches the saved document reverts to pixels. For some reason this confuses digital print shops where inexperienced staff have no idea how to convert back to inches. 3, Scrolling: When I'm at high magnification selecting areas of an image the screen doesn't scroll when I come to the edge of the display as it does in PS. I have to pan out or grab the hard to see scroll bar. Another slowdown. What Else? Of course now we're hooked we always want more! Adobe Bridge? this is a major time saver. Dreamweaver? Yes please Meanwhile... with over 35 years using dozens of software systems Affinity is the only one that's actively asked me for my opinion. After reading all this you might regret making the invitation but... Too Late! Thank you, Basil Williams AffinityRervue.odt
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