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  1. Mike! My journey through this thread has been a roller coaster of emotions. Astonishment at your tutorial. Beautiful design! Useful tips! Hilarious jokes! An explanation of vector voodoo that I can actually understand! So impressed. Then... mild panic. Okay, working through 37 pages. Got the hang of it. GLOWING PRIDE. I finished the tutorial and AD is feeling less mysterious. Uh oh... part 2? It's not there! Oh god. This was published in 2014. Okay, reading all the comments now. Oh god no. Mike was sick. DID HE DIE? OH DEAR GOD NO. Wait. Nope, he's on the mend but he's super busy. No problem, I'll just... post this comment and hope the thread isn't dead. If you're out there, Mike... I loved this tutorial. And I would be so thrilled if you were working on part 2. You're the man.