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  1. What stops you from using it? It works fine for most problems. Nothing would be different if they had officially released it. It shouldn't break anything. When your project breaks unexpectedly they will probably fix it in the next beta, if you report it.
  2. Ah cool, a bleed was exactly what I was looking for. For me personally it's a bit confusing that bleed and margin have totally different names, but the terminology ist probably well known for experts in this field.
  3. Ok, I just asked, since I created some posters to print them and figured out I had to add margins after I finished the poster. The printing service offered the final poster size in big and I had to dig into the description to get the margin size. Now that I added the margins, is there a way to export to pdf, ignoring everything that is outside of the margin? Since I want to have a print version with margins and a pdf for online sharing without margins. It maybe would be good to add an option to add a white margin area to a pdf during the export of the document.
  4. Ok, I think I didn't express myself well. When I add margins this way, the usable document size gets smaller. It would be nice to add margins, that append on top of the document size.
  5. I'd like to have the option to add a margin to an existing document. Right now, when I want to add margins, I have to increase the size of the document (by the margin size) and then add the margins. It would be nice to have an option below the checkbox "include margins", to add the margins to the current dimensions. Or is there already an easy option to do this?
  6. What would change with a release for you? If it's great now, you can use it already. No need for a "stable" version.
  7. I've a file, that crashes when the group 1 (a graphic) is moved. It somehow doesn't like the interaction with the other text elements in the file. It crashes even when one element within the group is moved. When crashed (it freezes with cpu at 100%) the window stays in the background and won't come to the foreground anymore when I click on it. It's not a problem for me, but it's probably interesting for you guys to fix. It's corresponding to the text wrap. When it's deactivated there is no problem anymore. crash.afpub

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