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  1. My seriously Problem is that I have to leave MacOS and will change to Windows. So my Boss can’t use my license on new installed MacBook? So I throwed the Money out of the Window for the Software? I can’t afford a new Mac. So I have the Software but can’t use it?
  2. Sorry, I didn't had the time to play enough and was sure that both applications could handle that. The Web is full with these "not" common standards. So if you need to handle one could not. That's unsatisfying.
  3. Yes for sure. But do you read every time all single details? Look at apple, google or other companies. You need a lawyer to get this right. No I didn't read all. I was in the intention that this could not happen. Why is that Software (both) not able to display common standards? So Mockups and Press Templates are all unuseable... Is that practical? It´s not a unique selling point.
  4. Wow. Now I´m more than disappointed. What kind of concept is that? I´m frustrated that I bought that stuff. Really. It´s longer than 14 Days. Yippie.
  5. ok. this is too bad. is it possible to transfer the license so I can sell the pack? both makes no sense for me. am I allowed to post this offer here and if so where? found nothing where it could be right. thanks in advance.
  6. I´ve just opened an AI file (Press Template) in Designer, can't work with it because the Layergroups are not available, only all Layers in one single hierarchy. Is there no way to display the groups? Designer makes no sense then if that's not possible. The same with with missing Smartobjects in photo. Too bad really. I had high hopes.
  7. I´ve tried it. It works fine. Thank you so much!
  8. Thanks a lot. I´ve found it. I'm new to Affinity, so sorry for that. KG Stefab
  9. I´ve searched a while but nothing found.Where is it? Thanks in advance!
  10. I understand. But why is it in Photoshop so much „quieter“?
  11. It starts immediately by using the sliders to manage the settings for RAW editing. CPU usage explodes and the fan starts to run. I´ve never experienced something like this. It looks like the program is completely misusing the hardware. It is really annoying. When I close everything it is back to normal. Photoshop is much quieter in terms of hardware exploitation. What is it about? That can't be normal. Kindest Regards Stefan Rittmann
  12. I´ve got serious Problems with RAW editing. After a few seconds the CPU of my 2,9 GHZ 4 Kernel MacBookPro 2017 (that's fast) goes up to nearly 100%, the fan starts immediately. With Photoshop anything is cool. What is it about? Why does Affinity Photo needs so much Power? It is annoying...
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