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  1. Oh yes, you didn't say what platform you're on, I assumed Windows. On Mac, it's CMD+ALT+Up/Down arrows indeed
  2. Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down arrow No setting of the increments anywhere though, afaik
  3. I would also add a reverse path feature (helps when boolean operations are failing).
  4. Btw you can easily use forum's ignore feature and won't see my (or Jowday's or JGD's, make your pick) repetitive posts ever again. It's there exactly for that purpose. 
  5. Indeed and I don't think there's anything wrong about that. Btw you can easily use forum's ignore feature and won't see my (or Jowday's or JGD's, make your pick) repetitive posts ever again. It's there exactly for that purpose.
  6. I stand corrected, sorry for misinterpreting your words. I believe he was just being sarcastic. Well, after 5 years of patient waiting, who wouldn't be? Politics has nothing to do with business, this is clear business and humour. I'm not. I'm still locked in the Adobe ecosystem. I wanted to leave it, and Serif seemed to be helping. But it's sadly not... Since I can't rely on Affinity Suite, I'm mostly avoiding it. Getting back to it after each update to find out if it's already useable for me or not. Expand Stroke doesn't need work. It need to be completely rebuilt. Why I keep complaining? Because I was sold a most precise vector design tool available (and Designer isn't that tool). Until it does what it was sold as, I have complete right to complain. Or should I remain silent for next five years? Hey, but fanboys clapping their hands how awesome the tool is, that' ok, amiright? Those don't bother you, you donesn't seem to complain about those. But it's the very same song, mate.
  7. I haven't noticed a single insult here, you seem to be a bit oversensitive, don't you think? Well, I'm a frustrated user who paid for "professional and most precise vector drawing tool" and that is clearly not true (now for years). Please, stop with euphemisms, Expand Stroke's current state isn't unfortunate. It's catastrophic. And it's not just current state, it's been like that for years and sadly, it wasn't Serif's priority to fix this. Instead, we got arrowheads and isometric drawing. How often will people use those compared to expand stroke? It's like the second most discussed feature on the forums. And I'm really happy that the dev is currently working on it. I hope he's gonna manage to fix it along with some other frustrating bugs. Please, begin to understand that when basic features are not working as expected (for years), blast of semi-useful features added in to market and sell the app to more people won't help the current userbase and will push unsatisfied people to voice their opinions. And they are entitled to do so. Not everyone is an uncritical fanboy. Some of us need to work, to rely on the tools we use. Honestly - every time there's an update, I'm happy - hoping that most of the annoying bugs will be fixed. Instead, I get another bunch of regressions or new bugs. It even seems that there are no testers in Serif. Fyi, this is how was AD marketed to me:
  8. Come on, this is a known issue for years... For years, indeed.
  9. Hi, it works well for me, despite its age and 32bit nature. Just use VM software of your choice (there are free and paid ones) and install any OSX up to 10.5 that still supports Rosetta (Power PC emulation layer) - you can easily download old OSX ISO's from your apple developer account. The link was linked from their sourceforge page - http://potrace.sourceforge.net along with a link to its source code. As you can see, you're downloading the Potrace GUI directly from potrace's sourceforge repository, from the /thirdparty/ directory though.
  10. There's potrace GUI for OSX available here http://potrace.sourceforge.net/thirdparty/Potrace_GUI_0.1.dmg
  11. It works for me as expected (as well) on both Windows and macOS
  12. Oh, that must be it, I did this work on my Mac in most cases - that's why I'm pretty sure 1.6.5 and 1.7.1 wasn't behaving this way. However I'm on a Windows 10 PC atm. Good you spotted that. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the reply, @Dan C Well, it affects my work very much since I use the guides as what they are (guides) since the mesh crop tool provides isn't getting even close to the lines I am attempting to straighten the pics to while cropping. Also, I am pretty sure than in 1.7.1 and 1.6.5 it wasn't behaving this way (I'm doing the same task over and over for past year or so, seeing this the first time since I updated to 1.7.2). Well, I hope it's gonna get logged and fixed soon since this should not happen. Thanks again, take care.
  14. Hi folks, I believe this wasn't happenning in previous version so I have to ask - why are guidelines moving when I'm crop-rotating an image? Please, see the attached screencast depicting the issue. Is it a bug or a feature again? In the later case, please explain why and how should I continue working when I need to "lock" the guides to their position. Thanks for your response.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. As you can see in the screenshot I posted before (quoting it below - see the floating Glyph Browser and Text Frame Studio panels in the top right corner of the page...) I'm already doing that, but it's sadly not really applicable for such huge panels as Pages :{
  16. I have both PC and Mac. And all Affinity apps for both of them. Mostly working on the Windows PC though since I use my Macbook Pros on the road.
  17. I have 1280 x 1024 px screen. I don't have screen real estate to float a panel group here. In Publisher, when Left and Right Studio is open, the actual real estate for document itself is so tiny I can't do anything.
  18. Thanks. I have no such option in the Studio menu. All I see is Hide Studio. And I'm not diving in the settings to change shortcuts since I would have to do that all the time, for all three apps, on both my Macs and both my PCs. If it's hidden just there, how should a standard user know it's there? I didn't, up until you mentioned this.
  19. There are left and right studios and when you have smaller screen size, this is far from ideal. Say when you move pages studio from left Studio panel to the right, even when you collapse most of the panels, it gets too filled and you have to scroll within the panels in most cases. I myself access it very frequently so I'm one of the users who would benefit from having to go less steps. But I'm not starting a feature request, tbh since I feel it's moot to try to request anything here, observing how feature requests like Select by... or Offset Path are treated (yeah, I know, I know... Small dev team, limited resources, roadmap, been there, seen all that and I understand...) You can turn visibility of Studio Panels on and off indeed. But you can't hide only left or right studio panel, only both of them together. The whole concept of Studio panels is nice, however it's simply inconvenient, time consuming and slow to dive into the submenus every time you need to show/hide a panel. Every single ux designer will tell you that confronting an user with less steps is always better than adding more steps in the way. This is exactly the case. Well, see the toolbars - even on a 1280px (not that lowres) wide display you have to use the triangle to display such an important setting as Column Setup (in Publisher), while the main menu takes about 50% of the whole area they could use at the moment. Even less in Designer and and around 60% in Photo. See attached screenshots. So this shouldn't be a problem. And it's all Studio Link, right? Would actually make sense to have this menu one level up in the root menu structure. Just my 5 cents.
  20. I get it. English might not be his first language (same here) so maybe a bit of patience would help there. Despite being vague, he's got a point. Examples? Maybe your terms and wording could make the product better? Paths (that is a standard term in this industry, not just Adobe) vs. Curves is one of the examples. What is missing? There are lots of tutorials to find in the extra section here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/9-tutorials-serif-and-customer-created-tutorials/ I have to disagree, imo, the Tutorials are quite awesome. Maybe I should have asked before: What application are you using? He might be using Pixel Persona in Designer where the Pencil isn't present in the toolbox. To some users, the whole toolbar switching / persona concept is quite alien and confusing indeed. Which tools? Power Duplicate is also one of the examples. Take care.
  21. Which tools?  Ie: Designer and Corner Tool that's not visible by default and you have to go to View > Customize Tools to drag and drop it in the toolbar to be able to use it.
  22. Yeah, first question I can answer. With Studio you can show / hide various panels (having various functions). Have you ever played with the application? Tested different things? I doubt it.  You misunderstand his point. UX-wise, having such frequently used menu hidden under another submenu is an ux fail. There should be a "Studio" menu in the top menu hierarchy. Navigating to View > Studio > Subitem constantly is time consuming and not really very good ux.
  23. Not really, you may need a proper resolution for applications like maps, architectural drawings, city plans... all detailed, where proper, percise hi-dpi print is necessary.
  24. I agree fully, but it's the only non-manual solution I currently know. I guess it's better than not having any solution at all.
  25. If you are on Windows, user @gabriel_komorov shared his batch file that does what I believe you asked for, check it out.
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