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  1. Thank you @Patrick Connor - good to know.
  2. Hi guys, what happened to JR Workflow Bundle thread? It's unavailable today for some reason. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/100491-jr-workflow-bundle-shortcuts-macros-hdr-tools-brushes/ Thanks for an answer, CLC
  3. Hi @Thomahawk, I guess you want to expand the stroke? Layer > Expand Stroke.
  4. Hi @Larryh It won't work with colour picker, but you can copy the source object with styles to clipboard and then paste the Style and/or effects with Edit > Paste Style and/or Edit > Paste FX. But I agree it would be helpful if colour picker could do that as well. So +1
  5. @DarkLimit This happened to me as well, multiple times (only in AD 1.7.x). I don't know what triggered it but I was working on multiple large documents with many layers.
  6. I agree, been noting this and patiently waiting for years now. It's been discussed elsewhere, like:
  7. It's not really applicable @walt.farrell - if you want to do the switch, you have to first double-click the master page, it changes the view, there you have to show/hide the layers, then in the Pages Studio you must switch back to the page/pages you wanted to work with. Too many steps, don't you think? Imagine doing this 30 times per a page with a ~300 pages long document and you'll understand it's really not an option... Also, what if each of the pages does have a bit different layout? This workaround then doesn't work at all.
  8. n.N. abbreaviation means "nad Nisou" - full name of the town is Jablonec nad Nisou.
  9. It is, indeed. Current layer system is basically an "object" system. I know the thread and posts in it are log, but it's worth reading and understanding. Not at all. Not even a bit. The issue is way deeper than that. Basically, for simple, one page scenarios the current system is ok. Once you're doing something more complex, you're lost in layers and have to move/order every layer all the time inside the layers panel. Also, layers are currently working only for a single artboard (or page in Publisher) while they should be working globally. So you could be able to have say German and English text layers globally for the whole document and switch between language versions just by hiding irrelevant language layers. You can't do that currently without creating separate language layers in each artboard/page instead of showing/hiding a global layer across all the artboards/pages which is time consuming and error prone. Having separate documents for each language variant and constantly applying changes in each of them would be irrational, you would certainly introduce errors and the work would be a bit too complicated. Currently you have to constantly keep an eye on the hierarchy and layer order all the time to avoid getting lost. Instead of designing you should focus on, you have to manage your project's layers all the time.
  10. @ChrisSmere @walt.farrell @Pattou I think @JGD was quite clear about the universal layer concept in its own thread, so I'm linking it:
  11. Again, I have to agree. The model Affinity currently employs is "closed box thinking" system while designers tend to think "outside the box". Affinity users are sadly forced to be limited and work inside the box with the current Affinity workflow, which goes completely against the basic design principles. Look at Designer in example - how come you cannot see/view the bleed area when you're working with multiple artboards? How can you design something when you can't see part of the artwork, that despite being cut off at the later stages is necessary to have a complete picture of the design you're working on? Where is WYSIWYG there? Why is Designer obfuscating your work? What's the logic in that? Who made this very design decision? Why was it never reconsidered? It does not make sense at all...
  12. @tiborsanta1955 That's natural behavior, the letter is displayed so you can set the font size, then it disappears and you should add your own text at this point.
  13. IIRC it's just Invision Board message just showing how much free space is left for attachments.
  14. @oliiix Official download pages for Photo, Designer and Publisher (Windows) allow you to download some older versions of the apps directly I believe. Go check the links out.
  15. User @gabriel_komorov shared his little Windows .bat file that does all what you're requesting, I believe.
  16. Hi @eobet Sadly nope, in Designer, they don't exist at all
  17. You can easily change the default 1 decimal increment to any value you like in the Preferences > User Interface in all three apps
  18. Hi Serif, it looks like the issue I reported back in March was fixed just partially. The same issue occurs when trying to zoom when using the Mesh Warp Tool - see the screencast below. Thanks for a fix in advance.
  19. @PJA11 well, you have to create a new document or open an existing one first - then you can use those menu options and switch personas as well
  20. You can install El Capitan into a Virutal Machine on Mojave and run Acrobat 9/X (or any other such important apps) from there. I'm doing so with my Adobe CS 6.5, it's a bit slower, obviously, since you run two OS' at once, one virtualized, but better than nothing.
  21. Well, as far as I know there's no way of changing the increment. Feel free to add a feature request, I also believe it would be good to be able to change this.
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