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  1. Don’t worry chaps. I went down the iMazing route and it’s all sorted. If you read my first post your answers are there. As to the how, ask Affinity it was a long time ago and there was nothing dodgy involved.
  2. I have Photo and Publisher, I guess one of them must have allowed me to run the Beta?
  3. Silly question, If I were to purchase the current version of Designer would I be able to access the folders/files I’d created in the Beta? Because it’s a separate application I’m guessing not but thought worth asking the question. I’ve been resistant to buying it because I’m stuck in a bit of a No-mans-land between Publisher on a very aged Mac and Photo on my IPad Pro. I want to commit to the iPad but because Publisher on the iPad has taken years not to appear I don’t want to buy an app that I have to buy again because I’m forced down the Mac route.
  4. +1 for the issue of rotating the page unintentionally while using a trackpad. I found the rotation reset after the first time I'd mistakenly done it and I can see times when rotating would be handy but by default locked would be my preference. Otherwise, I think this application is the best! As a very rusty Quark/InDesign user I find the menus pretty intuitive and there are not too many options to get lost in.
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