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    Thanks Callum, I'm working on it...... It would seem that each time I open Affinity Photo the pop up page presents differently. I am wondering if my update to Mojave which rearranged all my iPhoto's, plus then downloading your program has just been all too much and somehow the two are not sharing as they might. I have found that if I go to "media" in the pop up window and load photos there then I can double click on a photo and it will appear in affinity photo and I can work on it, however, this seems rather messy to have to do all the time plus when I export the edited photo it does not go back to the place from whence it came...:-( When I go to "pictures in the pop up finder side bar then my photo library is greyed out. Something is definitely amiss mate and I am very much the newbie at it all.. I'll stay "on it".
  2. Downloaded Affinity Photos to MacBook Pro Mojave. Watched the interface basics MP4. I cannot open Affinity photos and load a photo. When I press file/open as instructed in the tutorial I get a pop up page entitled "Affinity Designer - iCloud" with what looks like a standard finder side bar. I cannot capture a photo to edit. All I want to do at this point is edit photos and I am unable to determine how. Very new to photo editing and apps like this.... Help please