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  1. Hi MEB, no, the shortcut didn't have any warning or conflict before. I also check the system preference of Mojave to be sure of that. Now the shortcut works with "option W" combo
  2. Hi guys, I have to apologise for not introducing myself properly. I'm an Italian architect, doing some test of Affinity Publisher as substitute of Indesign as primary tool. I also tried Designer and Photo and hope in a future bundle to have them all cause I love the philosophy of purchase a product instead of cloud based service. Cheers!
  3. Finally found a solution, but you have to know why. I checked the shortcut panel in the preference, there are few with the attention symbol and I removed them. Then I modify the shortcut to "option W" and work perfectly. So, thinking about the ones removed, I changed again to the default values but didn't work. Now I'm testing with "option W" and it seems to work properly.
  4. Done the reset, but nothing happens. I set up a new document, with a text box and some guides. Here's a short movie of me trying to use the shortcut screen record.mov
  5. Oh my... I'm a stupid. Thanks a lot, you're a lifesaver!!
  6. Nope. Brand new MacBook Pro with Mojave
  7. It would be greatly appreciated a lock function if it's not possible to have a guide tools as indesign (guides as an object on layers)
  8. Unfortunately I've already tried to edit the shortcut, use the same keys, make new ones etc. etc. but doesn't work. The system make the error sound (the apple "doh" sound!!), as if I'm doing some mistake. I checked also the system shortcut menu searching for conflicts but didn't find anything.
  9. I mean that the shortcut is ctrl W, but it doesn't work at all. I have to use the menu to use the preview mode
  10. I'm not able to switch between edit mode and preview mode, or to create a shortcut that works. I can toggle the UI but sometimes I prefer not to see the grid, the text box, the guides and so on..
  11. I'm still not able to switch between edit mode and preview mode. I also set up a new shortcut for this but It doesn't work
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