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  1. If Affinity is not going to be able to open PPP files, I will surely not invest one single cent in any Serif/Affinity products anymore. Out of Principle. They woke up one day and let all their years long clients now we will not support you anymore because we set ourselves some new horizons. Bye! And that was it. Support for all their software just stopped. Then they start with Affinity and all my years-long files cannot be opened by their new software. WHAT IS THIS? MUST I REDESIGN ALL MY WORK? WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THAT??? I bought Affiniy Designer. Cannot open my Serif DrawPlus files. Come-On!!!!!! And the learning curve to steep for me. I do not have time for this. Come on Serif/Affinity - you got to where you are because of people like me who bought my first Serif software when Pageplus 3 came out. I still use the last version of MoviePlus everyday. I upgraded every time on Movieplus, PhotoPlus and own PagePlus 9 today. AND NOW THIS. No more support and no cross-over option. COME ON!!! FIX THIS OR I'M OUT FOREVER (Out of Principle) - DO NOT KID YOURSELF: YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY GOOD SOFTWARE SUPPLIER.

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