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  1. I have not saved it, just trying to seeif in the future, i have to open another document/image to work with... and if same scenario occurs, i know what to do...
  2. Another question... I know that in photoshop they have a Magic Wand, which makes selection easier for deleting unwanted background... Is there an easier way then selection brush tool? I want to keep the letters and erase the white background? Any help on this end would be greatly appreciated...
  3. leechi, so I tried to play with it again to make sure I know what I am doing, I imported the same image, and the color changed as before greenish color... I practice the same steps and this time nothing happened... Am I missing something?
  4. Wow! That was the fix... Thank You soo much Leechi... Dan c thanks for your patience and helping me work through this... But The image has been fix... I can proceed to finish some work... Thanks Sooo much Fellow designers...
  5. No worries, I appreciate trying to help out, I am just getting used to all these terminologies. So i tried that and i tried 8, 16, 32bit with sRGB, but it does not turn back to its original color format... slight change as in a lighter tone..
  6. Hey so it doesn't give me the option to select convert, both assign and convert is untouchable.
  7. Sorry for another question, so I am searching for this through affinity? or macbook previews?
  8. Took this screen shot of the preferrence setting next to document setup
  9. I am getting used to all this terminologies... all new to me...
  10. Hey I appreciate the time taken to help me solve this problem... thanks in advance man...
  11. Original file is in PNG. but I also saved´╗┐ it as TIFF. and JPEG... But nothing changed...

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