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  1. Probably.... But in this case, most time I don't need outlines. I don't have that problem in illustrator. Let me simply draw an example. That damn middle line!!
  2. Oh...I see. But my problem was vector, not pixels. Two objects can't get close enough to see the gap unless they are “combine” or “add”. There's always a line in the middle, It was a gap that could not be filled.. Please zoom in my picture, you can see a very thin line. I want to be free to modify the symbol content and keep the object symmetrical.(Like mirror tools) Help me, plz!!
  3. Hi Callum, Thanks for your response. I've read these responses. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/54768-affinity-photo-ipad-anti-aliasing/ and quote the passage by MEB: ”With the Polygon Marquee Tool tool selected, check if the last icon on the top right on the context toolbar (looks a triangle) has an outline around the circle. If so the antialiasing is enabled. If not, tap the icon to turn the antialiasing on - the outline around the circle should appear.” If that's what you mean... I'm really sorry that I don't understand. I couldn't find a icon on the top right on the context toolbar and looks a triangle... If you can mark the possible answers with pictures, maybe you can help the stupid me. My english is not so good, but I hope you understand what I write. Thanks again for your response!
  4. Excuse me, how do I fill the middle line? Except to draw another line for it. In the picture, they are rectangle and symbol.