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  1. As what seems like a life long use of PagePlus I cannot believe that you are trashing your previous user base in this way. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. While I appreciate Affinity is 'new' it is lets face remarkably similar to how PPX10 would have appeared and all you have done outwardly is make it funky and black. Out of interest, that makes it look messy and it lacks the clean sensation of PP X9. Which makes me wonder if what you are hiding is that apart from a database change not a lot else has happened. I for one will not be moving over because of maybe thousands of PP documents used in all aspects of my business Is it me of have you been taking lessons from Micro$oft? It cannot be beyond the wit of man / woman/ no gender decision yet to put a cut down version of X9 in the back with a simple one way, one off conversion program. Such a process has value that you could even sell. its not even worth beta testing affinity on this basis. "You're fired" and I am out of here. Sad and unnecessary

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