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  1. It does! Thank you – never thought I'd be so happy with such a depressing advice.
  2. Agreed. Or even better, I'd say, if the Glyph browser would automatically show the glyphs of the font that is relevant at the cursor's position.
  3. Hello, When using the fonts Preto Sans, Preto Semi and Preto Serif (by Jan Filipek, dizajndesign.sk), I get some strange results with the letter combinations ff, ffi, ft, fi and fj. Attempting to join them in a ligature, Publisher fails halfway: the f takes its ligature shape, but the next character follows after a space instead of snugly united with its neighbour. This problem does not occur when I use the Preto fonts in other, non-Affinity software. But then I haven’t seen this issue arise in Publisher with any other font than Preto (Dezen Pro, also by Jan Filipek, is behaving very well). Can this be solved? Preto Semi OT Std Regular is a free download: http://www.dizajndesign.sk/_ff/preto-semi-ot-std-regular~1291.zip All best, Bart