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  1. @DM1, thank you for the help. The file you made imports and looks fine, however the text seems to have been converted to curves. @GabrielM, thank you for the info on the font. I can verify that my plotting software is using some non-standard Arial for some reason. As for the export issue of font being converted to curves, does this issue also occur on the desktop Mac or PC versions or is it limited to iPad?
  2. Hi DM1, the font is Arial and is listed in the Fonts of Affinity Designer.
  3. When importing a PDF of something similar to a scientific figure (dummy examples attached), the text is getting messed up. For example I am importing the attached Example.pdf and the axis labels and the legend spacing gets messed up (see Example2.pdf). Furthermore, when the PDF is exported (Example2.pdf), the text is no longer selectable in programs such as Acrobat Reader. iPad (5) iOs 12.0 (16A366) Affinity Designer Example.pdf Example2.pdf