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  1. Hello, I have a Huion Inspiroy H640P tablet and pen and I am having the following problem. When I try and use this in the Affinity Photo for Windows 10 I can see the pen move, I can select a menu item, move layers etc. However, when I try and use the brush option it will not paint. I can see the brush move, change size, hardness etc. But it will not put down any colour. I have tested that I am on the correct layer and not using the undo brush, by trying the pen, then put down the pen and without making any other changes I then use the mouse/trackpad, and they work fine. I pick up the pen and without any changes try again and I can see the movement of the brush head, but nothing. I have also tested it using the Windows doodle/paint/memo option and all work. Affinity Photo version: Hulion driver version: 14.7.6 Windows 10 Home version 1803 OS build: 17134.286 Laptop: Lenovo ideapad 305 Ram: 8GB Intel i3 Processor. So I have the most up to date version of driver and software, Windows is patched up to date.
  2. Hello Lee, I seem to have resolved this. I uninstalled Affinity but left the tablet driver on. I then reinstalled Affinity and it seems to have picked up the driver and the pen is now working! I don't know if installing the tablet after Affinity overwrote something, but it seems to be up and running now Hope it helps anyone else would has this problem.
  3. Thanks will sort it later and upload asap and await the Doh moment when you see what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Hi Lee, I'll have to do it later tonight as I'm on my lunch and will be back at work soon. How big a file can I attach? How long do you need?
  5. dutchshader, no worries. It's driving me mad for sure.
  6. Thanks, Lee, nope not on. A real chin stroker eh?
  7. Thank for that, but if that was the case why would the mouse work without making any changes?