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    View Tool Stuck

    Thanks for the followup. I've been trying to recreate the problem this morning: placed ai, svg and eps files of varying sizes, created text, shapes and objects using the internal tools, filtered, and finally got the problem to randomly occur again (I know how software engineers love the random bug). Here are a few more details: the symptom locks to the file, if a different document is also open, that document retains normal behavior while the problem document continues to lock to the hand tool. Saving the problem document, closing it and re-opening it usually clears the issue. Unfortunately, since the problem does clear, I can't really attach a file that will demonstrate what is happening. I did also attempt to create a problem using keyboard shortcuts but to no avail (good news, eh?). Not complaining, just trying to help debug (I support production hardware and software at the University level and am trying to find reliable alternatives to the Adobe stranglehold on the print production market. Graduating students can at least be advised regarding tools that might help them as freelancers without ending up in eternal servitude to the Adobe system of licensing and pricing).
  2. swans290

    View Tool Stuck

    Good questions. The file sizes are quite small, as I am only testing the program specifically to find its bugs and shortcomings. I'm deliberately working with a variety of Illustrator ai and eps files and parts originated in Publisher since that will be a common set of working conditions, especially when transitioning existing projects or clients. I also plan to see if linking and embedding results in differences in behavior. (Overall, I'm impressed so far with the program, but beta testing is beta testing after all)
  3. swans290

    View Tool Stuck

    Sometimes those steps make a difference, but sometimes the problem is incredibly persistent, much more so than the intermittent occurrence with other software. I held off reporting the behavior until I had it happen several times. I'm trying to follow up by seeing if I can consistently force the problem and see if it's tied to a specific operation or file type and will post updates.
  4. Under certain circumstances, I work on a document and the View Tool (the hand) will not release and allow the selection of any other tool, whether I try to use the cursor to select a new tool or use a keyboard shortcut. I believe this happens mostly after placing a document without using the picture frame of place image tool before selecting "place" from the menu. The symptom persists even after deleting the placed images, making the document unusable.
  5. I am quite impressed with the progress shown in Publisher. Inline graphics are something I use all of the time for everything from custom icons needed for operational manuals to full graphic or photographic inserts to demonstrate procedures or samples. Just adding my weight to the discussions already here.