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  1. Okay, problem solved. I had a smaller artboard nested within a larger. For some reason, Select would only recognise the artboard not the items within. The artboard tool was not selected by the way.
  2. Been using Designer on Mac for several years. Suddenly, I can no longer select items by clicking. Reinstalling hasn't fixed the problem. Anyone else experiencing similar? Developers, any ideas?
  3. I had something similar with my new XP Pen Innovator. From reading a few posts on other forums, I realised hadn't plugged the power supply in. You see the tablet functions as a monitor without the psu so I dumbly assumed it was drawing enough power without it. Nope! Plugged in the wallwart and I was good to go.
  4. Preferences > User Interface > Artboard Background Grey Level Use slider to adjust.
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