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  1. I'm exploring under the hood of APhoto and wondered if anyone knew of a way (or utility) that would convert Photoshop Actions to APhoto Macros. I have a huge amount of time (and money in some cases) in Photoshop actions, so I I'd like to move them if possible. Ideas?
  2. I don't understand the level of anger at the "professional" discussion. I've a professional designer for over 30 years, both organizations and freelance. I think the Affinity tools are good ones. I also think the Adobe, Corel and other tools are good. And in fact, if you use carbon paper and pencils and turn out a product your client likes, who cares?
  3. Several things come to mind for me... First and foremost, based on the title of the post, I was looking for a thread with advice, observations, etc., about switching from Photoshop to APhoto. I spent 25 years working in high tech and enterprise software development. I spent a long time working on my Adobe certification and have been a user since the first Windows version in 1987, along with Aldus Photostyler and Micrographix Picture Publisher - all of which wound up being acquired by Adobe and rolled into what we call Photoshop today. I like Photoshop, but also feel it has become cumbersome and ultimately expensive, particularly when compared to APhoto which, aside from UI differences, does a good job and at $50. Similarly, I was never an adopter of Adobe Illustrator and have always favored CorelDRAW for a variety of reasons. I now own ADesigner and was able to turn out a show poster using it, out of the box with almost no pressing F1, in about 3 hours. So, while I have no interest in an Adobe vs. Affinity debate, I will say I've been impressed with Affinity's commitment to delivery functional code. It would be extremely helpful, if it's not already done, to have a literal "I'm switching from Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator to Affinity Photo/Designer" document, blog, thread, etc.
  4. I'm not sure if it's me, or if it's Affinity Photo... When I open a Photoshop file that contains text layers, they open as pixel layers, so the text is not editable. Is this normal behavior, or am I doing something wrong?