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  1. I'm also tearing my hair out over this. I have a 128 page document I'm trying to print as a booklet. It won't convert to PDF for some reason (I've tried a dozen different ways, but I'm open to suggestions) so I have to print direct from Affinity. The printer just crashes halfway through if it starts the job at all. Do I need to flatten or embed images or something? There *must* be some obvious thing I'm missing here. I hope.
  2. I already resolved this issue, so while I truly appreciate your continued questions, I've got it handled. Thanks.
  3. Yes, I did that. But as I said, the object was a miniscule size so I couldn't see it . Once I thought to look at the item specs, I realized the problem and fixed it easily.
  4. Hah! The second option helped me sort it out. The image had been sized to microscopic by accident, so I couldn't find it in the layout. I bumbled my way through it in the end. Thanks!
  5. I deleted a photo that wasn't working out, and now the Resource Manager keeps alerting me that I have a missing linked item. I can't figure out how to go about getting rid of that irritating popup. The Resource Manager seems to have no option for removing the linked item, and I don't know where else to look. Is there a cache to clear or something? Please help! Thanks!
  6. Ah, there it goes. Thank you. Why in the world did I think it was drag and drop? Did it used to be...? Odd, the brain.
  7. I'm trying to flow text between frames, but when I click on the red arrow to drag to the next text box, the entire text frame moves. The cursor changes, and I've done this many times previously, so I know I'm doing it right, but it won't let me flow the text for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks!
  8. I'm trying to create a document that will be a printed booklet on 8.5x11 paper, folded and stapled so each page is half a sheet. I have the Master set up right, but when I create a new page, it won't set up properly no matter what I change. The guideline is supposed to be at 5.5 (which would make it at one edge, not partway in), and the single page size, (since this is page one) should be at the half-size, not the ful11 wide. I've been going nuts on this. Please tell me it's something obvious I overlooked. The problem continues when I create additional "full spread" pages. Screenshots attached. Thank you!
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