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  1. If Affinity would invest in making an export compatible option to Adobe for Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (via IDML) they would take over the market. The incompatible factor of their files locks their usage out of the professional market. I've pretty much dropped out of the market (retired), but everyone I know - young and old- in the biz is hard-core Adobe. Other software are making small inroads but Adobe is still king - for now. The photoshop export changes the text to pixel - 100% unusable for compatibility - If I sent a PSD file back to an Art Director with all the text in pixel format - they would $%^&!.
  2. Thanks. I think I got it. These apps are just frustrating and in my view not ready for prime time. I want to use them. I try to use them but they just are not 100% there yet. I think I get what an image layer is. My understanding is It's sort of a "smart object" that retains the DPI of the original image on resizing in the doc, but once you Rasterize it - that is lost. You should be able to edit the Layer image without losing the original image info by having to rasterize it to edit it. Like I said - frustrating.
  3. How do you open the container? I haven't found an option yet. Can you open the container?
  4. Sorry. - Additional info --- I opened the document from a PDF into Publisher. For starters. (Some graphics in the doc are images and some are pixel) The graphic I'm working on is not locked. It is actually an image and not a pixel graphic. Not sure what an image is. It doesn't seem to open to something else. Very confusing. I would think an "image" would open as an imported graphic (or like an Adobe Smart Object) but I can't see how to do that. Anyway.... I can convert it to a pixel image and edit it now. Sheesh. Thanks for your help.
  5. OK. I'm trying to something super simple that I've done a million times in Photoshop, but in AP - nothing is working. I have a pixel image in AP. I select the marquee tool. I select an area. But I can't do anything with the selection. I can't move the selected item. I can't delete it. I can't fill the selection with color. What is the point of the Marquee tool. It must be for something other that what I think it's for in AP. I'll have to, AGAIN, go back to Photoshop to get work done. Adding additional time to the work. What's the secret here? What should be so intuitive just isn't in AP or Publisher/AP
  6. That's too bad. It's little things like this that keep me from having the ability to fully switch from Adobe.
  7. I'm accessing the NAS with AFP. I'll see if there is something on the NAS Dashboard where I can make changes. I don't recall seeing anything previously. I switched my Mac network connection to SMB and Affinity and the NAS seem to work better together. ??? The SBM causes a lot of NAS drive activity however.. I've only had an issue with Affinity apps. Adobe has not been a problem saving files with AFP. I'll see if there is an adjustment I can find for AFP. Seriously, I have no idea which protocol is better. Thank you.
  8. Yes, I can save the file to my local hard drive and am able to copy it to the NAS via the Mac Finder.
  9. I'm trying to use a Zyexl NAS540 network RAID for my work files - some are quite large. The RAID and Affinity don't work so well together. When saving Affinity files (large files) - Folders mounted from the NAS540 often drop off of the desktop - using either AFPhoto and AFDesigner. I don't seem to have that issue with Adobe saves - Photoshop or illustrator. Today I received the message that the file could not be saved - see attachment. Thanks for your attention to this. Feel free to contact me. glacy@mac.com - I'm not on the forums that often. George Lacy
  10. I've tried that. It doesn't work. It's still flat Got to say, over all I love the modern features that Affinity offers. I don't know if you know this but I live in an Adobe world. That just a fact. Kind of like Apple was years ago when Windows took over. Apple did what they could to live in that world- and eventually won their battle. Affinity needs to do that because I need to co-exist with the Adobe user and right now that isn't happening. I really don't want to go back to Adobe but I'm afraid that unless Affinity make their files more compatible it may happen. Exporting a PSD file and making the text pixelated - That is a total job killer. Total. Thanks for your info.
  11. Sorry for the delay - this probably is no help now, but I believe the only way to 'save' back to a layered PSD file is via export function to a PSD. It's all cumbersome. It may work better with the new version of PS - but I did it the other day and the "Smart Objects" were all gray scale. I have an older version of Photoshop (SC5). Really, if it only works with the New version of PS - I'd be working with PS and dump AF...
  12. I believe I understand you. The original files I have are TIFF files saved out of Photoshop and then opened in AF Photo. But the AF TIFF files were flat when opened again in PS. I'm just saying it would be nice to have the option to save the AF TIFF file in a PS compatible layered file directly and not into a PSD file via export. Unless I've missed something and that is already possible.
  13. It would be so great to have an option to save Tiffs with photoshop layers. Since I don't have to do an Export to save Tiff files like with PSD files. Fewer steps is great. I live in a field Dominated by Adobe and that would be a great way to stay integrated without having to go back to Photoshop. Just adding an option to save Photoshop tiff layers would be sweet.
  14. I'm just saying. Give me the option in Affinity to - "save as Adobe tiff layers". That's all. Help me live in an Adobe world while using Affinity until Affinity has a larger foot print and can steer the ship.
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