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    Lurien got a reaction from Markio in Affinity Publisher Equation Maker?   
    I've used Affinity Designer to make lab reports for a couple years now, but always had two main issues (equation writing and having to import screenshots of tables). While you can imagine my joy at Publisher fixing the latter problem, I still think having an equation maker would be a huge step forward and a massive leg up over InDesign. Think of all the boring-looking papers being cranked out right now that could be so much better if only they were made in AP. Hell, maybe it can even tempt the LaTeX faithful...?
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    Lurien got a reaction from A_B_C in [By Design] Urgent superscript issue (suspected easy fix)   
    @A_B_C Awesome, thanks!
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    Lurien reacted to A_B_C in [By Design] Urgent superscript issue (suspected easy fix)   
    This is not a bug, but due to a change in the handling of superscript characters in the more recent versions of the Affinity Suite. If a font does not include dedicated superscript glyphs (or subscript glyphs, for that matter), engaging the Superscript option on the Typography Panel or in the Typography section of the Character Studio will not change the respective glyphs. You can have the previous fake superscript glyphs (i.e. scaled and repositioned versions of the base glyphs) by selecting Super/Subscript in the Character Studio. 

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    Lurien reacted to mac_heibu in Crashes pretty much immediately   
    This „next beta build“ is released now!
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    Lurien reacted to Pauls in Crashes pretty much immediately   
    the crash report would be useful - please upload it to here
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    Lurien got a reaction from ilocho in Data merge   
    Truthfully, I've never heard of data merge before this but it seems so useful that it would be weird not to have it in a publishing application. You have my forum like... and my axe!
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    Lurien got a reaction from Jowday in Affinity Publisher Equation Maker?   
    @Wafer  I can import an equation to AP as a non-editable vector, but there's no wrap setting for doing this without manually adjusting line separation:
    texttexttext [TION] texttexttexttext
    Besides, whenever I do try any wrap of an imported equation the entire program crashes. I'll make a post about it on the bug forum.
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    Lurien reacted to Loquos in Let's be honest   
    I think Publisher's big thing is in the multipage layout - I would not want to do massive 30+ page layouts in Designer! Publisher in this respect is like Designer on steroids.
    As someone who is currently having to fork over money for a monthly subscription so I can handle 100+ page layouts with InDesign, I'd be happy to pay for Publisher - once it's fully launched! :-)
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    Lurien reacted to NIcholas van der Walle in Astute Graphics Technology   
    Unfortunately, it appears that at present there will be no progress on this front.
    Astute Graphics has just announced joint progress with Adobe to support the forthcoming XD release with plugin capability through its new Astui service:
    Medium article, Building a Smart Points Removal Plugin For Adobe XD Using Astui Web API
    We are also going to be supporting Bohemian Sketch with an Astui plugin (glimpses on the AG Tech web API page) along with Adobe Illustrator.
    Other extendable design software, existing online services and formats will be catered for in the near future. It's very quick and easy to implement and we'll be open-sourcing the XD, Sketch and Illustrator plug-ins to demonstrate this.
    Whilst the Affinity suite effectively remains closed to 3rd party extensions, the best we can offer users in the near future will be the SVG web-based file optimisation with the new Astui service. Details to come. Initially, this will encompass our Smart Point Removal and Move Points to Tangencies features, but will quickly expand with web APIs to more of our vector AG Tech.
    Affinity remains on our radar.
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    Lurien reacted to garrettm30 in Footnotes/Endnotes   
    Are footnotes and endnotes currently possible (besides manually creating them, of course)? I haven't found them so far.
    If not, this is a feature that I think would be widely used. I suspect it may take some time to get right if it is not yet under development, so I would understand if it is not a day-1 feature.
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    Lurien reacted to Patrick Connor in Data merge   
    @gregoiredierendonck, @Sponka, @debiant, @Josh Mills, @lights95 , @BoloGauranga, @TomJG  @am2008, @J. One, @ilocho and anyone else I have missed (sorry)
    Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums
    I have pinned this popular post to the top of the forum for others to find more easily. I cannot say if this will be implemented anytime soon, but clearly it would be desirable to you and others.
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    Lurien reacted to BoloGauranga in Data merge   
    The Data Merge feature is more or less the only reason I had to use InDesign the last years. I had hope that this feature would be included in Publisher. Please add it!
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    Lurien reacted to Dolly Levi in Data merge   
    As I have run out of my daily allocation of reactions to Forum comments (Why? Surely it'easier for the developers to see how many "likes" a comment has rather than having to read loads of "And me's"?), I would like to add my +1 for Data Merge.
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    Lurien reacted to CusumanoCasper in Data merge   
    I use the data merge tool daily to create QR-codes in a batch or load data into a pdf. I think this is not present in the beta build?
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    Lurien reacted to Chris_K in Freezes when importing AD assets   
    Hi lurien
    Thanks for this I have managed to recreate this so will pass it on to the development team
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