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  1. @DM1 Oh wow, I see. Thanks! Will check back again in the next year I guess.
  2. @DM1 Wait, there was only one update since September 17?
  3. @GabrielM Hi, I tried it recently seems like it's not fixed to this day, am I right about that? Or it does and I'm doing something wrong?
  4. @Dan C Any news on this? I recently tried latest Designer version again and was surprised this was still not implemented. PS Funny thing, my other big issue with export to cloud didn't get fixed either. Basically, I got Designer to never use it for 1.5+ months.
  5. @DM1 You're right, I forgot to mention it's much more visible with lower resolution. If you export at 512x512px I'm pretty sure you will get the same results as me in the first post. Thanks for trying it out! @Dan C Glad to hear it, thanks! Can't wait for a fix
  6. Thank you, for trying to help me! I got the same bad result. Affinity team, If there is already a code for great clipping in the desktop version, it's probably portable enough to bring it to the Ipad version, too. I understand that there are concerns about performance on a tablet, but this should be on for at least exporting!
  7. @Aammppaa Can you upload my file after changing this setting, please? Just want to test if this option will work on Ipad even though there is no toggle for the user.
  8. I don't see the Performance tab in Preferences menu. Are you sure there are these settings in Ipad version?
  9. Oh, sorry. Here is it: SimpleOne.afdesign MoreComplex.afdesign
  10. Hi, I want to ask if this is expected behavior or not. 1) Draw circle with an inward stroke 2) Draw a line so it will intersect circle and make this line going from thin to thick in stroke settings 3) Put line into the circle layer, so it will mask it 4) Watch where stroke intersects with circle, harsh pixels there. Mask did not mask everything. It seems worst if you make objects white and bg black, much more obvious. I will include examples to be more clear:
  11. @GabrielM, Oh I see. Thanks for explaining, I thought dpi is ignored if you set size in pixels. Just to be clear, it's not only "Export all", it fails even if you export individual fragments.
  12. Hello, recently got Designer on Ipad and I encounter different bugs ever since. The biggest one is the export problems: I want to export my drawing without one of the layers and "Fragment export" (one of the three modes at the top) allows exactly that and much more. After I press little Share button next to my fragment Designer asking me to select export folder. IF I select ANY folder on OneDrive or Google Drive NOTHING will be exported no matter what. But if I select any folder on Ipad itself (like any app folder) it works, BUT even like this 1x size export is actually 0.5x size export for no reason. For example, I created 256px file, If I press export from drop-down menu it export in 256px, but from fragment export scale 1x will export 128px. And to be clear default export from the drop-down menu works on OneDrive/Google Drive, but fragment export does not. To be more clear I recorded a video to show this (sorry about my English):
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