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  1. I was able to fool around more and found that if I raterized the image first that I was able to populate the tool. The process does work however there was a couple bugs after the process was completed. The biggest bug that I found was after merging layer down it would place the image where I chose but would also still show the larger image that was on the previous step. In order to get this image off the screen I needed to back out of the project and then relaunch the project.
  2. Hey everyone, hope all is well and the holidays are being nice to you all! Newest update for Affinity Photo seems to have some issues/bugs. I was hoping that someone could verify and/or replicate the same issue I am having within the app. No matter wether it is a new or existing project I cannot seem to get the perspective projection grid to form at all. Selection of the tool renders absolutely nothing on my screen to be able to mold in any way shape or form. Any ideas or assistance is welcomed as I am in the middle of work and at a standstill without this function being available.
  3. When attempting to perform the task of perspective projection on a project the app follows what has been flawless until the update. After the new update the app rendering the process until the final step in which the app shuts down and nothing is saved from previous work done on the canvas.
  4. When attempting to drag the color selection tool circle to select a color it reverts back as if nothing was selected. When a selection was interrupted in another attempt by a phone call the selection circle was embedded into the canvas. When choosing the ‘back to project’ option and then reselecting the same project the selection circle was still embedded. Selection of another project was still left with an embedded circle on the canvas. Only way to remove the embedded circle was to completely shut down the app and restart the app again. After attempting many times with the Apple Pencil I decided to use my finger to see if that made a difference. It worked. Attempting with the Apple Pencil again and nothing, then with a finger one last time and again it worked. I have attached a photo of the color selection circle embedded on the canvas.
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