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  1. Hi am new to affinity and I am just beginning to explore the app. I have been experiencing an issue when importing luts into Luma (that have been created in affinity). The colours are not correct (appear to be reversed) Do know when this might be resolved? Many thanks
  2. jp335

    Luts - colour reverse issue

    Yes, I was aware and had hoped that the issue may have been resolved, Any way around this? Other than presumably applying the colour settingings in reverse?
  3. jp335

    Luts - colour reverse issue

    Hi Gabe, The issue isn’t specifically with a particular lut or photo. It is a a general issue. I’m not sure if there is much value in sending a specific example. Although I can do. I’ll explain my process so you have a better idea of the issue. I basically take a picture of a video frame within Lima fusion. I then import that photo into Affinity and apply adjustment layers. I then save the adjustments as a lut file in Dropbox. I then go back to Luma Fusion where I import the lut. However when I apply the lut to my video footage, the colours aren’t accurate and do not represent the lut that I created, Thanks for your help. J

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