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  1. PagePlus was and still is my favorite application for publishing and text-picture prototyping. Many thanks for it! Unfortunately if you won't provide at least some kind of conversion for .ppp files there will be lots of suspicious about your current project management quality.
  2. Repro Steps: 1. Open Preferences panel via Menu/Edit/Preferences or Ctrl-, shortcut and click on Keyboard Shortcuts icon 2. Select Tools in the 2nd list box 3. Set keyboard shortcut for Place Image Tool - I tried Alt-G and Ctrl-G with the same result 4. Close Preferences panel 5. Press your shortcut for Place Image Tool which you have set in step 3 Result: App crashes - please see attached picture
  3. I do need support of PagePlus .ppp files too. Unfortunately without .ppp files support Affinity Publisher won't have much sense for me. Please provide at least some utility converter .ppp to .afpub file.

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