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  1. I usr light ui on mac but also would like it for AD on ipad. Dark version very hard to see tools. Help please Serif.
  2. Have been using AD on my Macbook Pro for some time. Just got same for my IPAD 6. The light UI on MacBook is great. Doesn't seem to be available on IPAD version. I find those dark user interfaces really difficult to see. Any chance for an upgrade on this???
  3. Had trouble posting Lol. Really would like to see light UI. Seems I'm not alone with this wish.
  4. Need a function to produce opposing pages for printing purposes i.e. on a 12 page document left to right pages would have to be 12-1; 2 -11; 10-3; 4-9; 8-5; 6-7. (opposing folios always add up to one more than total pages i.e. for a 12 page document that number is 13).
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