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  1. @Aammppaa ah thank you! Yes that works. I don’t think I would have worked that out on my own.
  2. Thanks for your reply. This is the file. I was trying to subtract the long white shape and have tried it with other shapes drawn with the pen tool. In each case the shape seems to be closed but it doesn’t subtract properly. If I try and subtract something drawn with the shape tool like a triangle it will do that OK. Untitled.afdesign
  3. I made an intricate shape that I wanted to subtract some small shapes from. It kept failing. I tried it with some very simple shapes on top of the intricate shape, it seemed to work with some shapes and not others. I wondered if there was something about the intricate shape I had made that was causing it to act unpredictably so I saved as an svg tried it in another app where it worked consistently, so I think this is some sort of bug in Affinity.