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  1. A question for you. On macOS, why are shared libraries marked as executable? On FreeBSD, all the base libraries are mode 0444. Many ports will install shared libraries with mode 0755 because that's the way they come out of cc by default. But they don't need to be (AFAIK). Things in libexec are actually programs rather than shared libraries so they are executable. Later versions of Solaris (from 11 and maybe from the last of the 10s) mostly has 0444 for system libraries. Some things are marked executable. Older versions had heaps of stuff marked as executable, but of course you couldn't actually do anything with it except (in nearly all cases) get a segmentation fault. FreeBSD: [aaa@dog:20:39:10:/lib] (559) # ls -l libc.so.7 -r--r--r-- 1 root wheel 1955744 Jun 1 2022 libc.so.7 Solaris 11: [aaa@chunky:20:40:56:/lib] (97) % ls -l libc.so.1 -r-xr-xr-x 1 root root 2605680 Mar 11 2022 libc.so.1 I don't know about macOS. Hence for general knowledge I am asking.
  2. Some PNG files in the same directory are also marked executable, also quite a few PNGs in the Help directory. I noticed this previously. [aaa@bbb:16:50:42:/Applications] (526) % find Affinity\ Photo.app -type f -perm 0755 -ls
  3. Then it's probably about time to start using another font. Choose a non-Apple font (once bitten, twice shy), either one that you have purchased or has a free licence to use in perpetuity. It's a pain.
  4. Whoever is 'at fault' this is dreadful. It is comparable to 'remove Pantone swatches from Adobe even though you have been using them for years' thing. Fancy a test? I have made a one page APub document with Athelas. What happens if you open it (after copying Athelas.ttc to your fonts directory)? Athelas-test.afpub
  5. Try this: cp /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental/Athelas.ttc ~/Library/Fonts/.
  6. You don't have to wait for this to complete. You can just click the Export button. The slowness of the 'generating preview' function has been mentioned several times in this forum.
  7. Can you upload one of the offending PDFs here? As mentioned, I have no problems placing and editing most PDFs.
  8. Is this with any PDF or one PDF in particular? If it's one PDF, can you post it here? For info, I can drag and drop PDFs and edit many of them (not quite all) without problems.
  9. Suggestion: change the error message to 'Affinity removed 2 broken or corrupt objects from your document'. I think we have mostly assume that a link is either a linked file or a hyperlink.
  10. Yes, that's my solution. It's quick enough to turn off a highlight and it's obvious from looking at the output which file is which.
  11. So @walt.farrell is the odd one out. Walt, what did you do to install APUb? ­čśü
  12. My point is to show that the styling was not removed. Instead of underlines, the hyperlinks in the document I have are highlighted in blue, i.e. a styling. I can easily change this to 'no highlight' if that is what I want.
  13. This is a test from an old version of InDesign. The output is to pdf/print with hyperlinks disabled. The blue "here" word is a hyperlink in the document. The hyperlink is removed but the formatting remains.
  14. Or you could use the same document and temporarily change the styles for hyperlinks.
  15. I would go a bit further than this. I recommended to use plain text. But if you are applying attributes of any kind, such as font and font size, that is no longer plain text. Plain text should remove all and every attribute of the text to ensure that what goes into APub is completely 'clean'. I agree. It's not a long document and is quick enough to set up from scratch.
  16. % file MOTTlogo.eps MOTTlogo.eps: HTML document text, ASCII text, with very long lines It's not an EPS file, it's HTML. If you rename the file to MOTTlogo.eps.html you can open it in a web browser and see what it actually is. I'm guessing that you did not actually download the file but the web page showing the file.
  17. I've seen that feature/bug, and I can right now repeat the result of using the 'wrong' handle'. But I'm also 100% sure that I didn't use that handle myself when I encountered this problem. The 'resize frame' handle maintains the proportions of the text frame, which is why I am sure that I didn't use it. I think there might be another bug lurking around somewhere.
  18. I have seen this a couple of times, the weird sizes which I know for sure that I did not apply. Like you, I tried reapplying text styles only to find the problem cropping up again soon afterwards. The only way I found to reliably reformat all the text correctly was to copy the text to a plain text editor, delete the text frame from APub, add a new text frame, then paste the plain text in and apply the styles. I am not sure where the problem lies, whether it is the text which gets 'confused' or the text frame or maybe both.
  19. It's been discussed many times, with several very recent posts. This prompts me to ask: has Affinity been mentioned somewhere recently where RTL text is used?
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