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  1. Try File/Save As. Don't overwrite your existing files. Write to a new location, e.g. on your Desktop.
  2. 1. Make a backup copy of your broken file. You can try to create a new APub document the same size, then Document/Add Page from File then select your broken file: If that doesn't work, create another document (always work on a fresh document), try File/Place with the same broken file. You may be lucky.
  3. If you think the FAQ is wrong, show it with an example rather than a call to the generality that (all) software has bugs and therefore the FAQ is wrong.
  4. If you can't see this, make the side panel wider. I have been caught out by this before, scratching my head that I was sure it used to be there. The hamburger menu can disappear if the side panel is too narrow.
  5. You need to take another look at Adobe's revenue. Since they went subscription based, their finances have gone through the roof. Many users are prepared to pay (which is not the same thing as being happy about it). As I wrote, it's about the money.
  6. Every tool out there has been copied. Pretty much every story is a rehash of older stories, just the names and places are changed. West Side Story is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. Should it be banned? Is it criminal? Ever used a dictionary? 99% of those words are not new, they have been learned and coped from older dictionaries. The cat is indeed out of the bag. As usual, it will be about the money. A few posts on the Serif forums won't change it.
  7. As this sort of thing pops up from time to time, this is a prime candidate for a better error message. Something along the lines of "these characters do not exist in the version of the font you are using".
  8. I have a text style decoration for drop caps. I am pretty sure that previously I could type the values into the value boxes, but that now longer works. Also, I seem to recall being able to use up/down arrows to set the values. That doesn't work either. The sliders work as before. Can anyone confirm if they see the same behaviour, and if they have the 2.1x version if this worked before? MacOS Catalina.
  9. Well, it's like I've never seen a bridge collapse or a building fall down. Then there's the leaning tower of San Francisco. Ah, things go wrong.
  10. I don't understand why you have such a bee in your bonnet about this. Having a customisable pasteboard size it not an unreasonable request. You wouldn't have to use it. The default could even be as it is now to please people who want 20 metre pasteboards, if they find it useful when working on small documents. Telling people they are scrolling wrong, using the wrong mouse, etc, is not at all helpful.
  11. It's called user customisation. If you, and I do mean you, never use such and such a feature, would you disable it for other people?
  12. That is extremely impertinent. I have experienced the same problem as the original poster of this thread. Telling anyone not to use Affinity apps because of the way they work is not helpful at all. No other app I use has an unlimited pasteboard feature.
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