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  1. Thanks, Paul. I will submit a feature request. Can't hurt.
  2. In Photoshop, the character palette can be integrated into the sidebar, where it takes up much less screen space. In Photo, the free-standing character palette takes up quite a bit of space, and thus has to be moved around when it gets in the way—especially when working on a laptop. Is there a way to dock the character palette in the sidebar à la Photoshop? Attached is a snapshot of Affinity Photo's character palette at minimum size compared to the Photoshop character palette. The size difference is huge, and the Affinity Photo character palette doesn't even include line spacing (leading) controls.
  3. My question is: Why isn't the line spacing (leading) control in the character pallette where it belongs? To put such a basic text adjustment in a different location makes no sense to me.
  4. Fabulous! I am actually very happy with Photoshop CS6; but as everyone knows, Photoshop is now an end-of-life product unless one wants to jump on the Adobe CC bandwagon. Not.
  5. When will Affinity be ready to unveil a Photoshop replacement for the Mac?