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  1. Thanks thomaso, the Find & Replace method worked. Before I ran into this problem I had replaced the text in all the hyperlinks without format. Strange that updating the hyperlinks wouldn't work for the size. Problem solved.
  2. I made a Publisher document with approx 450 hyperlinks. When I change the font or bold/underline and update the character style all the links change. When I change the size and update it doesn't work. Is this normal? I guess not. A workaround? I don't want change all 450 links one by one!
  3. Thanks Garretm30. Indeed, I completely overlooked the "more" button. I wasn't very sharp after hours of working on this document. But previous times I created such a document I did'nt encouter the settings being as they were now. Problem solved, however, thanks again.
  4. Using Publisher 1.9.0 on MacOs 11.2 I run into the following. I've created a large pdf with hyperlinks. After exporting the hyperlinks don't work. I've also created one using Publisher 1.8.3 on MacOs 10.13.6 with no problems. When I open the pdf on the newer system it works, but when I open de Afpub file on the newer system and export it, again the links don't work. Bug or setting? I'm lost.
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