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  1. If there were in the process of working on it in May 2020 (2 years ago!) I wonder if that means that it will be a 2.0 feature rather than a 1.x feature.
  2. I agree. I think this sits on somewhere on the border between a feature request and a bug (since almost everything else in exports remember where you are, the inability to remember spread/page is a gotcha that keeps on giving!
  3. Add my voice to the value of having an EPub export feature. Producing accessible digital material is important to me, and at the moment I export my work to Pages on a Mac and then do the EPub export from there - but it’s a hacky workaround. I’d love to be able to do the EPub export from Affinity Publisher.
  4. I would love import of basic markdown to be possible. While it might be nice to be able to import all kinds of fancy markdown features which are available in different markdown dialects, it would be lovely to be able to at least import basic markdown so that Headings 1-4 map to heading paragraph styles 1-4 strong and emphasis map to character styles of that name bulleted lists and ordered lists map to respective styles
  5. Every time I go to the export to PDF dialog, it has preselected 'spreads' and I always want 'pages'. I've lost count of the number of times i've had to go back and re-export because I forgot to change it to 'pages' _again_. Please could the dialog at least remember the last setting that was used? That would be fine for people who always use spreads and would be such a help for those who want to export 'pages'.
  6. Ah thanks - I've used grep search before and find it excellent, I hadn't thought of using it for this though. this worked perfectly, and turned out to be very simple. Into the mental toolbox it goes for the future!
  7. I have a font I want to use, but I hate the capital letters. I would like to have a style where I swap out the font face for all capital letters. I know that I can do it with the first letter using Drop Caps support, but I can't see a way to do it for all capitals. Is it impossible, or am I missing something? Any suggestions gratefully accepted!
  8. My experience has been that affinity read the forums and I've had really good experience with bugs - members here and affinity people have helped me get to the point when I can get a clear reproduction of the bug, and that gives them something solid to work on.
  9. I have also noticed this - at first I thought I was making a mistake, but I've never knowingly set it back to spreads.
  10. My copy of publisher on the Mac doesn't seem to be able to update from 1.8.6 to 1.9 (or later). I purchased this directly from you (not through the app store) When I use the affinity/check for updates menu command, it doesn't show me any updates (in fact there is no response from clicking on that menu item at all). How should I move from 1.8.6 to 1.9.x? Thanks
  11. Ah, I have a text frame which isn’t part of master A, but was added to the page to hold some two column text. I’ll try removing that and see if that stops the crashing. thanks
  12. I've got a document and I had a master page set up for it. I've set up a second master page and I want to change everything over to the second master page. When I applied Master B, Publisher instantly crashed. I've tried applying it on a spread by spread basis, and it was successful on one spread, but crashed on the next spread. I've made a cut down demo of the afpub file which reliable demonstrates the problem (select page 4-5, attempt to apply master-B, crashes). Any help or advice very much appreciated! regards, Alex White apply_master_problem_demo.afpub
  13. That is a brilliant tip to right-click the rules unit, it's a shame it is pretty much undiscoverable though. I did try right-clicking the ruler to see if I could set it there, but it wasn't available. Affinity help was my first port of call (it's normally pretty good), but it was useless unless you knew exactly the right keyword to search for or area to look in. Their help is generally pretty good so I look there first, but this is an area where they really could do with better indexing of synonyms to help people find the right help. Cheers
  14. I just spent 15 minutes struggling to find out how to set this, in the end resorted to google and found this thread. From a UX point of view it would probably be worth including _something_ so that a search in help might find this!
  15. I've downloaded the update, checked and the issue has now been resolved for me. It is now working perfectly. Thank you!
  16. Thanks garrettm30, that was the problem - I was using a print PDF preset which doesn't enable the option. When I switched to a web PDF then I could select the option and I had a happy TOC. Much obliged. So the feature is there - but help files don't give any way of finding it. Something for the technical writers to consider the next time they revamp the help docs, perhaps?
  17. Thanks - I've just uploaded a zip of the file which is having problems. The source document has master pages with double page spreads (2 x 8.5"x11"), but the import process turns them into a single page {17" x 11") with both page frames on it. This makes the document unusable for me, as I can't seem to move from the single page back to spreads in Affinity Publisher. Ticket Number 51944 Thanks
  18. Sorry for the delay, other 'world' stuff got in the way. The attached .afpub file has a small text fragment copied from an idml imported file. The imported rendering has a super-high stroke, the definition is still on 4.3pt (and if you apply the heading 3 you'll see the stroke change). I would be interested to see whether you can replicate the situation with this file. Thanks demo of heading style.afpub
  19. OK, I've got a shrunken down video of it taking place here. I might expect the text to be 80% of the original height (14pt text with an 18pt stroke), but it appears to be much smaller than that - more like 20% of the original height? Screen Recording 2020-05-11 at 17.23.13.mp4
  20. Sure - thanks for continuing to work with me on this. It shows me that I'm noticing something which I've not got perfect reproduction steps for yet... Here is your attached file opened up, with the bottom frame selected - this looks OK (and -originally- this looked fine for me too in my file) The following is from another file of mine, where it is also working OK This one is from a file converted from IDML. After the conversion the stroke looked fine on the page, but showed much narrower in the styles pane. If I applied the style, it is only a very narrow stroke (4.3pts) as you can see in the immediately following screenshot The document I have at the top of this thread is one which was imported from IDML, had an imported stroke of 4.3pt which I edited back up to 18pt. As soon as I do that edit, the style preview shrinks down teeny-tiny. I've been able to produce a screen recording of this, but it is 10mb and so I can't post it here. I'll see if I can put a link to it somewhere or compress it. Regards
  21. As I said, I’m showing the correct screenshots for the styles. So my text doesn’t match up. Big deal. Don’t be a dick about it. You don’t see a problem. Fine. I couldn’t care less. I see a problem. I report it to the developers, they get to choose what to do, not some random poster.
  22. Trust me, I'm showing the correct screenshot of the correct styles - it isn't rocket science, and I just don't have that many options! Over time, you may well see the preview shrink - I'm sure that mine started off at that kind of size, but has gradually got smaller to its current illegibility I'm still convinced it is a bug - the key text of the heading shouldn't become invisible because of a decoration - much better to trim the top and bottom of the decoration. Drop caps is a special case IMO because you need to be able to see the relationship between the initial letter and the other text.
  23. That's a helpful workaround. I do like the samples, so I hope they fix this bug, but that makes things manageable in the meantime.
  24. In the screen capture attached, you can read the 'heading 1' style, but the 'heading 2' and 'heading 3' style previews are unreadably small. (You'll also notice that the 'box' is pretty small too) I have to think that this is a bug of some kind - both of those headings are using a background stroke decoration, set to twice the height of the font. I wonder if that might be the problem area here (see second screenshot)
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