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  1. I am beyond delighted at the robust cross-reference support. I've started using it already and it is marvellous. Thank you to the team!
  2. I quite like using them in order to have playing card suits available as font characters. I don't suppose there are any good font alternatives to emoji for that?
  3. Hi Ash, I'm now using 2.1.1 and as of today it seems that it is remembering the setting in the export dialog. Many thanks to those involved in fixing this!
  4. I've had a search and can't find how to do this, so I'm posting here. In a document I'm working on the text flow has managed to get mixed up. The top two spreads in the screenshot shows expected behaviour, but the highlighted frame jumps to spread 4, then back to spread 3, then on to spread 5 and it is OK after that. I don't know how I got into this situation, and I've not been able to find the way out of it! I had hoped that clicking on the text flow on a box might let me re-point it, but I couldn't get that working. Any suggestions?
  5. I'm sure that I've been told it was a bug in the past when I've brought it up. I really want them to remember my preferences. Let me pick the option that is right for me (hint: it is NEVER spreads) and remember that. Doesn't seem like it should be rocket science, seems like it is an oversight.
  6. Hi Dan, I went into the app to record the problem and on v2.0.3.1688 of the app I no longer see the problem happening. I can now create a new style based on an existing style from the context menu whether I have the ‘show in both panels’ turned on or not. Thanks for your time investigating this, it appears that 2.0.3 has solved it for me. I’m happy for this thread to be closed or marked as solved or whatever. Cheers Alex
  7. It’s the subject of the thread “When I use the paragraph style pop up menu to create a new style based on Heading 2, I get the dialog to give it my new name (heading 3) and I change the font size. Then I say "OK", the dialog disappears but the list of paragraph styles doesn't include my new 'heading 3' style. I can create a new style from the 'new style' button, but I can't from the pop up menu. ”
  8. Top of my wishlist by a long shot too. I’ve got a couple of small projects coming up, but I’m dreading my long project which comes after that. I hope I’m not in the hell of ‘see page XX’ and then manual fixing up at the last stage. I’ve grown reliant on computers doing that work reliably for me!
  9. So do you think that ‘show in both panels’ means ‘show in text style panel and paragraph style panel’? That wouldn’t make sense. If I’m creating a paragraph style based on another paragraph style, it makes sense that the default is a paragraph style, and it wouldn’t make any sense to include it in a text panel. Yet it only appears if ‘show in both panels’ is true. So I’m not convinced that your statement is actually explaining what is happening here, unless I’m misunderstanding you?
  10. I can confirm no cross reference support in V2, much to my disappointment. I’m starting to wonder if there is some fundamental problem with their underlying data model which makes this really difficult to implement for some reason. I hope that isn’t the case but… it’s frustrating when MS Word has had working cross references for two decades but a publishing program hasn’t.
  11. Good news is that that does solve the problem, so thanks for that! I’m left questioning what the purpose of that toggle(?) is supposed to be for… what value does it have (and in particular what value is there in having it default to off)? Plus, while I’m on the subject I hate with a passion toggles whose state is invisible to all intents and purposes like that one. Classic checkboxes were SO much better. Crystal clear what was going on. These oceans of dark grey just make things worse.
  12. I'm seeing exactly the same problem iceritchie mentions. Twice today I've had the beachball for several seconds - one of them was putting two words in the middle of a text box. M1 Mac. Ran affinity publisher 1.x without a hint of a problem at any time. At the moment I think I'd be better off going back to Affinity 1 for everything, which makes me sad.
  13. When I use the paragraph style pop up menu to create a new style based on Heading 2, I get the dialog to give it my new name (heading 3) and I change the font size. Then I say "OK", the dialog disappears but the list of paragraph styles doesn't include my new 'heading 3' style. I can create a new style from the 'new style' button, but I can't from the pop up menu. Does this explanation make sense? Thanks
  14. Literally I've had four failed exports in a row because I forget to recheck 'pages' instead of spreads, or I forget to recheck 'include bleeds'. It would be nice if you could perhaps save our own presets, so we can keep things set up the way that makes sense for us?
  15. I waste so much time because even in V2 the export dialog cannot remember the pdf export settings I have chosen. We've been complaining about the default to 'spreads' forever, and it is still here. Remembering dialog box settings wasn't rocket science 25 years ago. I'd love to record this as a bug, but I guess it is still just a mere feature request.
  16. At least I can still choose light mode on the Mac and have something which is mostly readable. The iPad publisher is dark mode only which renders it nigh unusable most of the time, which is a real shame. Contrast matters, folks!
  17. If there were in the process of working on it in May 2020 (2 years ago!) I wonder if that means that it will be a 2.0 feature rather than a 1.x feature.
  18. I agree. I think this sits on somewhere on the border between a feature request and a bug (since almost everything else in exports remember where you are, the inability to remember spread/page is a gotcha that keeps on giving!
  19. Add my voice to the value of having an EPub export feature. Producing accessible digital material is important to me, and at the moment I export my work to Pages on a Mac and then do the EPub export from there - but it’s a hacky workaround. I’d love to be able to do the EPub export from Affinity Publisher.
  20. I would love import of basic markdown to be possible. While it might be nice to be able to import all kinds of fancy markdown features which are available in different markdown dialects, it would be lovely to be able to at least import basic markdown so that Headings 1-4 map to heading paragraph styles 1-4 strong and emphasis map to character styles of that name bulleted lists and ordered lists map to respective styles
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