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  1. Matteo Bignozzi


    I have the some problem: when I attempt to import any PDF file, the program crashes. I've tested it with the some PDF files I imported flawlessy in the previous beta version. This happens Always when I try to import a PDF keeping the text editable as much as possible (see attachment). If I uncheck this option, then the Pdf can be imported well
  2. Matteo Bignozzi

    Text Flow?

    yes, this is also my personal experience. I attach my two test files, one with the background in the masterpage and one without masterpage: the behaviour of the flow text tool is the same in both cases. test1-no_masterpage.afpub test1-masterpage.afpub
  3. Matteo Bignozzi

    Text Flow?

    Some problem here: if there is a background colour rectangle, the flow text function will not "recognize"/"detect" any text frame over it. Only the background is interpreted as text frame. If I move the background apart, the flow text function works correctly. Affinity Publisher beta Windows 10 Home, version 1803, build 17134.228 Matteo