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  1. bent_4

    Publisher and Fontbase

    I encountered the same problem. When I start FB before starting Publisher, there is no problem at all. If I start Fontbase after Publisher has been running for a while (either seconds or hours) - I see a window "updating font cache" and in 90% Publisher crashes right after. Is there a solution (apart from starting FB first)?
  2. Hello, When I place a picture frame and "place" an image into the frame, the image is scaled in proportion when I drag the anchors around. When I place a picture and "move" the layer "into" a picture frame, the image is not scaled inproportion when I drag the anchors around. The "properties" menu in the picture frame does not help with constraining the image to scaled/unscaled proportions. (BTW: The "done" and "cancel" buttons are way off in that menu) Is that an error? I think this is not logical, as I often place an image and realize later that I want a certain shape or frame to limit the extents of the image.
  3. I definately back you on this. I just realised there is no batch function for HDR but one for panoramas. Please include a batch function for HDR.