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  1. Per the Help section: " When a text frame is selected, the frame includes a triangular Text Flow button at the bottom right of the text frame (red or blue). Irrespective of whether the frame text is overflowing, you can click this to draw out another text frame linked to the originating text frame. To link the selected frame to a newly drawn frame: •As above, but instead of clicking a 'target' frame, either click on the page (for a default frame) or drag across the page (to create a frame sized to your requirements). The latter is ideal for quickly mapping out linked frames across different pages." The option of dragging across the page does not work. When selecting the red arrow, the entire text frame moves.
  2. Same issue. Linking text by dragging, which is considered better for linking frames across multiple pages, is not working. Clicking text frames on the same spread works, but does not work in the Master Pages area.
  3. These may have already been addressed. look forward to seeing your replies. QR Codes: Is there an option to create or edit QR Code information? Or just import the image from a third party? Print Window: When preparing to print (Ctrl+P), the print window is pretty small. How difficult would it be to have the dialogue box fill the screen? Or have separate tabs for Layout, Color Management, etc. This would also give the user a large enough print preview screen (maybe add a zoom feature to that) Business Card Design: For the smaller, independent publisher the ability to have a print multiples to a page option reduces setting up one page, then duplicating, the getting margins right to print properly. Stroke Properties box: I noticed that the width option works, but on my version, the size and opacity variance sliders do nothing. Also, the body, corners, head and tail offset are not selectable. Frame Text Tool: When I right align, the text goes outside the box

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