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    JerryLin got a reaction from haakoo in SVG Problem   
    Thanks for the reply.
    I use MacOS, I already tried your method before I posted this question.
    I think it's a real bug and hope it could be fixed on the next version.
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    JerryLin reacted to MEB in What's this feature on the Affinity Spotlight post?   
    Hi JerryLin,
    That "mode" only appears if you skew an object containing a transparency or gradient and edit the transparency/gradient again and it's only available in the Customer Beta. It allows you to have more control over the gradient/transparency distortion.
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    JerryLin reacted to acapstick in LEGACY: Official Affinity Designer Video Tutorials (70+)   
    A more recent set of tutorials for 1.7 (and above) is available via affinity.serif.com or from Designer's Welcome screen.
    The legacy tutorial set, also available on YouTube, includes:
    1. Getting Started
    •        Discover Affinity Designer
    •        For Beginners
    •        For Beginners Too
    •        Using the Help System
    •        CMYK Setup
    •        Designing from a Sketch
    •        New from Clipboard
    •        Actual Size Zoom
    •        Editing PDF Text
    •        Using the Grade UI Kit
    2. Artboards
    •        Artboards: Basics
    •        Artboards: Exporting and Printing
    •        Artboards: Colour and Opacity
    •        Artboards: From Content
    •        Artboards: Design Aids
    3. Drawing Lines and Shapes
    •        Pen Power
    •        Shapes
    •        Convert to Curves
    •        Corner Tool
    •        Drawing Perfect Triangles
    •        Stylish Strokes: Textured Lines
    •        Stylish Strokes: Dashed Lines
    4. Colour and Opacity
    •        Complex Gradients
    •        Adjusting Noise and Opacity in Fills
    •        Transparency Tool
    •        Changing Colours
    •        Blend Modes
    •        Colour Picker Tool
    •        Colour Palette from Document
    •        Colour Palette from Image
    •        Pantone Colours
    •        Global, Spot and Overprint Colours
    •        Quick Opacity Setting
    5. Layer control
    •        Layers Panel
    •        Lock Children
    6. Object control
    •        Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects
    •        Rotation Point: Overview
    •        Rotation Point: Worked Example
    •        Vector Scaling Options
    7. Symbols and Assets
    •        Symbols (1.5)
    •        Assets (1.5)
    8. Painting
    •        Shading Using Raster Brushes
    •        Adding Raster Texture
    9. Text
    •        Artistic, Frame and Shape Text
    •        Text on a Path: Overview
    •        Text on a Path: Worked Example
    •        OpenType Typography
    10. Media
    •        Using Raster Images in a Composition
    •        Film Noir Style Illustration
    11. Saving, exporting and sharing
    •        Save History
    •        Soft Proofing
    •        Exporting
    •        Exporting: Layers
    •        Exporting: Slices
    •        Exporting: Continuous
    •        Exporting: Automatic Directory/Folder Creation
    •        Exporting: Multiple Outputs from a Single Slice
    •        Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds
    •        Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts
    12. Design Aids
    •        Constraints: Overview
    •        Constraints: Worked Example for Web Design
    •        Snapping and Dynamic Guides •        Snapping: Candidates
    •        Snapping: Object Creation
    •        Snapping: UI and Web Design
    •        View Modes and Split View
    •        New View
    •        View Points
    •        Grids: Icon Design
    •        Grids: Floor Plans
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes)
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes)
    •        Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds)
    •        Grids: Coloured Lines
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    JerryLin reacted to Leigh in 3 features in 1.6   
    1. Align to key items is available from Alignment options. You will have two new options - First and Last. If you select a group of objects the First Align option will align all objects in the selection to the object which was selected first before all the others. The same applies to the Last Align option but it will align objects to the last selected object.
    2. If you edit a Raster Brush you will have a new option to set Wet Edges and create a custom profile.
    3. We're hoping to add some information about the Outlier stacking mode to the help in the future  
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    JerryLin reacted to MEB in Ghost line & Export area can't match the object.   
    Hi JerryLin,
    Thanks for the file.
    The "ghost lines" are a side effect of the way Affinity and other software renders objects on screen when their edges overlap. Please take a look at MattP's post for more details.
    To work around this you can place a rectangle with a colour (gradient) similar to the foreground just to hide the "hairlines". Alternatively you can also add a thin stroke to each one of the bands with the same colour as the fill to hide them.
    Regarding the slices, the coordinates (X,Y) of each rectangle below the number/symbol of the calculator (and eventually other elements in your design) for example are not integer values. The iPhone artboard coordinates (X,Y) also presents same issue (Y=178.5px). You can check this in the Transform panel on the bottom right of the interface. That's is why the slices generated automatically don't have the correct sizes. You must ensure their coordinates and dimensions all use integer values. When creating UI projects make sure you have Force Pixel Alignment enabled in the Snapping Manager (menu View ▸ Snapping Manager...) to avoid those problems. 
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    JerryLin reacted to MEB in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    Hello JerryLin, 
    Cmd + ` only works for Separated mode (Window -> Separated Mode). In regular mode use ctrl+tab to change views instead.
    I'm not sure i understood your second question:
    - Fill/Stroke context toolbar flyouts now support noise/opacity slider for colours
    This point refers to the ability to toggle between noise and alpha in the Fill and Stroke flyouts panels on the context toolbar (see image below).
    Earlier this was only possible in the Color panel on the right of the interface. Now you can do it through the context toolbar too.

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    JerryLin got a reaction from smallreflection in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    - Hold Shift while dragging RGB or CMYK sliders in the Colour panel to create tints / shades.
      I really luv this feature, will u add this feature in Affinity Designer??? It's really useful and powerful feature like color picker !!   :wub:
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    JerryLin reacted to Andy Somerfield in Affinity Photo Public Beta (   
    Purpose: Features / Improvements / Fixes
    Status: Beta
    Requirements: None
    Mac App Store: Not submitted
    New beta sign-ups: https://affinity.serif.com/photo
    Update: Run the app to get the link
    Features / Improvements / Fixes
    - Levels adjustment can now be applied per channel. - Custom blend gamma (per layer) (Blending Options dialog). - Text defaults to 1.45 gamma (looks crisper). - Custom coverage / AA maps (per layer) (Blending Options dialog). - Pixel Tool can now erase (hold Command). - Crop tool will now snap to guides, page edge. - Marquee tools will now snap to guides, page edge. - Option to always show a brush crosshair in Preferences. - Menu items to facilitate switching Persona - (Affinity Photo menu). - Duplicating a pixel layer with a pixel selection will do the right thing. - PSD import / export improvements. - Layers panel context menus. - Resize canvas improvements. - Fixed moving guides & samplers with a pixel selection. - Paste As New Document fixes. - Colour picker accuracy improvements. - Brush cursors will now correctly honour larger accessibility settings. - Can now specify default working space conversion / assignment (and warnings) in Preferences. - Live blend modes on Filter Effects dialog. - New “Saturation” slider for Develop Persona. - Vignette filter improvements. - Hand Tool / Zoom Tool improvements. - Develop brushes have context bar elements for size, hardness. - Liquify brushes can be sized using [ and ]. - Smudge brush improvements. - Hold Shift while dragging RGB or CMYK sliders in the Colour panel to create tints / shades. - Flood fill improvements.   - Numerous stability and performance improvements.   - Numerous minor Develop Persona improvements.
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