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  1. FatCatStud!o

    Export Persona

    Hello! What do you think about enhancing Export Persona? After lots of new tools for UI designers it would be nice to exports this new layouts with pleasure. :) First thing I was thinking of is snapping. Why, when I have such good snapping when I design, I have to zoom and count every pixel, when I try to draw a slice? ;) Second thing is a long shot idea, for your consideration, and with lots of thinking about proper UI for this kind of revolution. I was thinking about something like slices for layer/group. Exporting UI elements is always filled with drawing slices and turning layers off and on. It would be cool to have an option to tell the slice, which layers to save. I can create appropriate groups when I design, if I know that will make my job easier. And it will make it much easier, when I can tell the slice when it has to be exported with background and when as a transparent group of objects. It would be great if you'll think of something like this. :)
  2. FatCatStud!o

    Layer management

    Of course I'm using groups. As you can see in the attached file. I have over 600 of them. And I have lost few hours, while working on this periodic table, only for scrolling the groups list and clicking them to open/close. :D I'm not talking about the feature for most users. If they don't want to, they don't have to tag layers. But when someone is working on some big, complicated project with lots of layers, he can save a lot of time and finger joints by tagging his layers and searching them. ;) And there is a lot of such projects. Take the web design for example. Sometimes you have to design 20 pages (each one with hundreds of layers) just for one screen size. Multiple that by 3 for other devices and you end up with document consisting of two thousands layers at least. Lots of this layers are similar, and when you have to make a change, with the option to search the layers and change them all at once you can save few hours of your life. :) As we all know, Affinity seeks to serve UI designers. This option may be their salvation. :) Oh, and as we speak about UI designers. We have spot colours now. I would love to have "spot" fonts, border thickness and all the things that don't go under 'styles'. :) And copying and pasting slices in export persona. This one is a must do. Imagine if I want to save each element in the periodic table as a slice. I have to draw every f*ing rectangle by hand. Instead of drawing just the first one and then pressing ctrl+j (or pressing alt and draging) and just changing the position. 118 identical rectangles. Who have enough life for this? :D I think Affinity needs to get some programmers to design some functionalities. Programmers think differently than designers, and when it comes to designing user interfaces and technical stuff, contributions of programmers can be very helpful. ;)
  3. Hi guys, At first I would like to excuse for my English. It's not good enough to write too much. ;) But I have an idea, and I would love if You'll think about it. Lately I designed something like that: periodic_table.zip (Iif you like it, you can take it and use it. It's public domain. But it didn't have lately discovered elements 113, 115, 117, 118. I'll update it soon. ;)) As the name says it's a periodic table. It consist of 118 elements, and each element consist of 5 layers. For one language. Without the legend. I have 3 languages. English, Polish and Latin. So I have almost 1800 layers. Working with such amount of layers is a pain in the ass. You have to scroll a lot, select hundreds of layers and change their properties. So, I have an idea. What if you could assign a tag to the layer? And then search the layers by this tags? And then select all searched layers and change the thickness of a border. Or size of a font. Or whatever you need. I think it'll be a great improvement in working with multi layered documents. There's no other graphic software on the market that allows this level of layer management. If you implement it, don't forget to patent it and charge Adobe for using this idea. And send me some money for the invention. ;) I hope You like this idea, and You'll think about it. :) Cheers! EDi
  4. FatCatStud!o

    Introduce Yourself

    Well... Hello! We are Neko and Edward. Neko is a Cat, Edward is his human. Neko is a designer, Edward is his translator. ;) We are pleased to met you.
  5. FatCatStud!o

    iLove U

    Affinity, iLove U. :D And it's our first topic, so hello to all. :) (the cat is sleeping right now, I have to be quiet)
  6. FatCatStud!o

    Dribbble accounts

    Great idea. Already updated all our works. :) https://dribbble.com/fatcatstudio

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